PHOTOS: What Disney World Crowds Look Like The Week After Thanksgiving

It’s the week after a very busy Thanksgiving weekend, so let’s check in on how busy the Disney World parks are!

Bright, sunny Cinderella Castle!

The holidays are a super popular time for people to visit Disney World, but it’s still early December, and we never know when the parks are gonna have unexpectedly busy days! This morning, we went to two Disney parks to see how those weekend morning crowds are doing!

We went to Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios this morning to see how the crowds are doing. Did the hefty Thanksgiving crowds die down or are late holiday travelers still filling the parks?! Let’s start with Magic Kingdom!

Magic Kingdom

It’s December, it’s Magic Kingdom, there’s gonna be people. There was already a solid crowd forming outside the entrance before opening.

Crowds waiting to get in to Magic Kingdom

Here’s another look at how those crowds were outside the park!

More crowds outside Magic Kingdom

Especially at the beginning of the day, it’s hard to find a moment where Main Street, U.S.A. isn’t congested.

Crowds on Main Street

Here’s another look at the Main Street crowds, looking a bit tight!

Lots of people rushing to the Castle!

However, as the day went on, things cleared up a bit as people were able to spread through the park. Haunted Mansion had a fairly long line, but definitely still manageable!

Queue for The Haunted Mansion this morning!

Here’s another look at that Mansion queue!

Line at Haunted Mansion, but nothing true Mansion fans can’t handle!

While there are definitely loads of people at MK today, there are still moments of calm, like this spot near Liberty Square! 

Calm in Liberty Square!

There are lots of people at Magic Kingdom today, but nothing too crazy! 

Hollywood Studios

Studios saw quite the large crowds this morning before open!

Crowds waiting outside Hollywood Studios!

Studios is poppin this morning! Here’s another look at the crowds we found at the entrance.

More crowds waiting outside Hollywood Studios!

This huge wave of people at opening made Hollywood Boulevard pretty crowded! 

People arriving to Hollywood Studios!

It can be quite the rush getting from the entrance to the other areas of the park first thing in the morning, and we saw some of that this morning!

Crowds heading down Hollywood Boulevard!

As the morning went on, things were still pretty busy on Sunset Boulevard! 

Sunny day on Sunset Boulevard!

We were still able to find little pockets of calm in Studios, though! The park is definitely busy today, but you’ll still have some space!

Chill moment on Sunset Boulevard!

Overall, while both parks have seen a lot of guests this Saturday morning, it’s nothing we can’t handle! Both Magic and Studios had sizable crowds when they opened, but things spread out and calmed down as the morning went on! Seems like a lot of the Turkey Day travelers have possibly headed home! We’ll keep checking to see when the heavy-duty Holiday crowds arrive on the scene! Stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney parks news!

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PHOTOS: What Disney World Crowds Look Like The Week After Thanksgiving