Pink and Your Style

In my experience, pink is the most complicated colour of them all. Friends, family, and my clients either love it or loathe it. For some pink is a signature colour, while others refuse to wear it. Some wear it sparingly, in very specific settings, and in very specific tints, tones and shades. Others like to wear it in the Spring and Summer, and that’s it. Some wear it as a pastel or dirty mid-tone, and others as a clear bright. Some stick to pink lipstick and flowers in their garden, and say no thanks to the rest.

As a colour, pink symbolizes romance, tenderness, and sensitivity. It’s the colour of breast cancer awareness month. It’s a traditionally feminine and girly colour. That said, men wear pink too, but more frequently in parts of Europe or Asia. Pink can look soft, pretty, gentle, soothing, and charming. It can also look strong, cheeky and vivacious. In the right hue, tint, tone or shade, pink can be flattering with your complexion. It can be quite versatile as a soft pastel.

Pink wardrobe items are sometimes also considered overly sweet, twee, delicate, precious, and juvenile. The opposite of tough, hard-edged, influential, and powerful. Some women have bad associations of wearing pink under duress as a child, while others simply don’t like the way it looks.

When it comes to pink, I’m in the love it camp. I have worn it my whole life. It doesn’t have negative associations for me, and I feel great when wearing it. I enjoy how it can look soft and pretty, or electric and unique. I feel strong, confident, attractive and powerful in pink.

I generally stick to two types of pink, which are both well represented across clothing, footwear and accessories in my wardrobe (in both solids and patterns). I love a bright shocking pink with an ‘80s vibe, and a soft but fairly saturated tone of blush pink. Occasionally I’ll wear fuchsia, bubblegum, and neon pink. Blush pink footwear and handbags are wardrobe essentials for my style, and extremely versatile. I love combining pinks with red and orange, and since I wear a lot of red, pink is an easy addition.

These are the pink items in my wardrobe at the moment. Most are solid, and some are patterns. I’d like to add a blush pink coat, pair of pants, and pleather jacket at some point. I’d love a pair of shocking pink pants too:

Over to you. Do you wear pink, and how does it feature in your style? Does pink have negative connotations for you?

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Pink and Your Style