Pink October – Closet Case Carolyn PJs

Thank you, Dear Readers for your warm, encouraging and thoughtful responses. Katie and I have read them all, and we felt your love in each message. We are sincere in our gratitude and please know how much your thoughts and prayers mean to our families through Katie’s cancer journey.

Tis the month for pink……..

Julie and Julia was a life-changing movie for me. Not only did it provide a blogging model for Goodbye Valentino, but I also developed an obsession for poaching eggs and wearing Classic Menswear Pajamas.


The scene of Julia and Paul sitting in bed in their silk pajamas made an indelible impression on me. While I’ve yet  to own a pair of silk pajamas, I simply love slipping into a pair of crisply pressed pjs at the end of the day!

The Closet Case Carolyn Pajamas pattern is my go-to pattern for classic pjs and is truly worth the investment. (I do not receive compensation from Closet Case.)
The bilingual patterns and step-by-step instructions will clearly guide you through all of the details including when and how to add piping. Additionally, the pattern variations will take you through winter, spring, summer and fall.IMG_1653For these pajamas I chose a cotton floral and gingham with pre-made piping in pale pink from Five Eighth Seams in Charleston, SC.  I used the contrast fabric  wherever I could, but the choice is yours. 

My only tips and/or suggestions for this pattern are:

  1. Check the crotch fit. The rise in the pj bottoms sits just below the waist and the crotch may need adjusting.
  2. Follow the directions from start to finish.
  3. Consider monogramming the pocket!

When Julie and I were outlining A Stylish Guide to Classic Sewing, we each came up with a list of 25 must-include garments, and the classic Menswear Pajamas was high on each of our lists.

Evenings at home are equally as important as evenings out so why not wear loungewear that make you feel as good as the rest of your wardrobe?  These adult alternative to sweatpants and tees are easy to fit, make ideal gifts to sew and provide great opportunities to express your personality or mood of the moment! Stripes, paisley, polka dots, floral, plaids, solids, abstracts and more! For unending inspiration, visit the Carolyn Pajama Instagram Feed here with over 3,000 posts to date.

Classics go P I N K  for a cause! I hope my pajamas serve as a reminder to take part in Breast Cancer Awareness month however one deems appropriate.  I invite you to join me on October 27 in Charleston, SC, or hope you will consider participating in one of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks across the country this month.

BC pjs-001

Have a good weekend !




Pink October – Closet Case Carolyn PJs