Love Monster - I Can Show Love to Others

Hello Friends,
My friend, Mel, from FROM THE POND gave me permission to showcase these adorable "Love Monster" drawings. We followed Mel's directed drawing steps and then my student used oil crayons and regular crayons to add color. I pretty much gave them as much latitude as they wanted when it came to their coloring choices. Because of that, we had quite a colorful variety of Valentine monsters!

When they completed their drawings, we brainstormed ways in which we could show love to others. Some of our ideas were: I can smile. I can pick up my toys. I can feed my dog. I can carry a book. I can say thank you. I can share.

I wrote our ideas on the Smart board. I told my students that they had to write 3 ways that they can show love to others. The only rule was that their sentences had to begin with the words "I can...."

I am really pleased with how these cute little Love Monsters turned out! Click HERE to go to Mel's blog post about how to draw these cute little monsters...

Until next time,

Love Monster - I Can Show Love to Others