Podcast #688: Protection for and from Humanity

When celebrities, dignitaries, and executives go out and about and travel around the world, they’re often surrounded by bodyguards whose job it is to protect them and their loved ones.

My guest today offers a look at what’s involved in offering these professional protective services for VIPs, and how average citizens can apply the same principles to protect themselves and their families. His name is Todd Fox, he has an extensive military and law enforcement background, and he’s the founder of Close Protection Corps and the author of Protection for & from Humanity. Todd and I discuss why the soft skills around mindset constitute the foundation of personal protection, and the prep work that’s necessary to keep both VIPs and normal folks safe, including the process of “advancing” and a system from the Vietnam era you can use to make yourself a “hard target.” We then discuss what you can learn from the Marine Combat Hunter program, the Cooper Color Code, and the OODA Loop to develop better situational awareness. We end our conversation with the hard skills you should learn to protect yourself, and the order you should learn them in.

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Show Highlights

  • The distinction between security and protection 
  • Why soft skills are more important than hard skills in self-defense
  • Why fighting should be your last resort in any and every self-defense scenario 
  • What is “advancing”?
  • How can a civilian do this type of thing when vacationing?
  • How do bad guys pick their targets?
  • Methodologies for assessing the various threats and risks in your life 
  • Protecting your home 
  • Detecting anomalies and determining their importance 
  • Using Cooper’s Color Code to your tactical advantage 
  • Useful hard skills for the Average Joe to learn 

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Podcast #688: Protection for and from Humanity