Podcast Episode 7: Tiffany Levine on Social Media and Virtual Fitness Post-COVID

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, many clubs have realized the increasing value of social media and live workouts — utilizing these offerings to engage with members in unique ways.

In episode #07 of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast — sponsored by GoDaddy Social — host Rachel Zabonick-Chonko spoke with Tiffany Levine, the director of marketing and public relations for Club Greenwood, on how the brand has used social media and live workouts to serve members throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and how these offerings will look upon reopening.

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  • Club Greenwood created a private Facebook group as a value-add to its membership, where the live workouts are shared. Currently, the group already has 744 members, and has received 10,000 comments and reactions.
  • “[The private Facebook group] has been a great place where members can connect with our staff, and our staff is producing really incredible content like Pilates videos, yoga videos and live classes,” said Levine.
  • Club Greenwood is also using other platforms, like Instagram and its public-facing Facebook page, for overall marketing and lead generation. It will use these platforms going forward to share new member policies, how they plan to keep members and employees safe, etc.
  • Club Greenwood is offering around 80 classes a week between Facebook Live and Zoom workouts. “It’s been very exciting,” said Levine.
  • According to Levine, Club Greenwood plans to continue virtual classes moving forward upon reopening, and are going to start living streaming from the club’s studio. They plan to continue offering a mix of strength, cardio and flexibility live streamed classes, and are planning to live stream 135 to 150 classes per week when they reopen.
  • During the shutdown, Club Greenwood hosted live-streamed bootcamp classes outside in a park behind the club, which was well received.
  • Levine explained members love seeing their favorite instructors on the live streams; versus non-local instructors and trainers.
  • Look at your goals with social media and live workouts — virtual fitness is the future and presents a lot of opportunities to engage with existing members, draw in new ones, and stay connected to members while they’re away from the club. “This is the future,” said Levine.
  • There will be a digital environment in addition to a club environment to consider.  
  • Practice live streaming, said Levine. Especially if you’re in a new space, test how it will look before officially going live to your audience.

Levine shared platforms like Yondo, Uscreen, and Google Meet are examples of technologies clubs could consider.

This episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast is sponsored by GoDaddy Social:

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Podcast Episode 7: Tiffany Levine on Social Media and Virtual Fitness Post-COVID