PP# 159: Vaginal Steaming with Marina Schroeder

Marina Schroeder Period Party Podcast

Marina Schroeder is a women’s health coach and the author of Ignite Your Inner Goddess, a #1 Amazon Hot New Release. Marina is on a mission to empower women to optimize their feminine health, honor the rhythm of their natural cycle, reclaim their connection with their feminine essence and their own creative superpowers, and ignite their Inner Goddess.

In this episode, we talk about what vaginal steaming is, how to do steaming, who can benefit from it, Marina’s experience with steaming as part of her fibroid protocol, what to consider before you start steaming, and so much more!

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Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode: 

  • How Marina pivoted from a career in the pharmaceutical industry to becoming a women’s health coach
  • How vaginal steaming works
  • The holistic benefits of vaginal steaming
  • The symptoms vaginal steaming can help with
  • Marina’s experience with using vaginal steaming as part of her protocol for fibroids
  • Using vaginal steaming as part of an integrative approach to your healthcare
  • Acknowledging the bigger energetic picture surrounding your health symptoms
  • Specific herbs you can use in vaginal steaming
  • What to consider when selecting herbs
  • How long and how often you should steam
  • Steaming devices and accessories you can use
  • Key considerations when buying herb blends for steaming
  • How you can use Marina’s vaginal steam herb formulas
  • The situations when you shouldn’t steam
  • How often you should steam

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PP# 159: Vaginal Steaming with Marina Schroeder