Prunings Pile

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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A decent 3.5 mile walk happened today. As the OFM said to a couple of ladies, we need machetes to cut through the humidity. But you have to step through the slice quickly or it will slam closed on you. They went on their way giggling. It was too warm and no breeze so the pace was fairly slow but steady.

We have a couple of pictures of the “greening” of the area due to all the rain in the last two days. The first is of the area the maintenance folks dump all the debris from the clean up and pruning. This is three days worth.

Then on around the bend a little is hole 15 stretching out pretty straight in front of you.

On along the road where it begins to bend toward the main highway you can see the bend and the slough from the Tennessee River intruding into the golf course to collect golf balls.

And best of all is out favorite PVC pipe post. It is a regular turn around spot for many of the walks in the area.

It was cooking day and more wonderful chicken stoup was prepared. We got some bell peppers in this one and skipped something the OFM cannot recall from the last batch. This one is about the best yet and one meal is now gone. It was supper tonight.

The OFM is still pooped from the extra walk distance but we had a pretty good time of trying to have tooooo much fun anyway.
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Prunings Pile