PS5: What we know so far about the new CFI-1200 model

Sony have registered a new model for the PS5 in April. Some media report that the console will feature updated radio equipment (Wi-Fi, bluetooth, etc…), but we have found no explicit mention of a change.

CFI-1200 Radio updates?

Although it’s true Sony went through a certification of their radio equipment for the upcoming model, there is no explicit mention of any difference between this new CFI-1200 model and the original version CFI-1000A. The certification of a new revision of the PS5 is probably required when enough hardware change are made, but it doesn’t mean the radio equipment itself would change, or that it would be the only thing to change.

CFI-1200. A PS5 Pro, PS5 Slim, or minor “under the hood” component changes?

With this being said, there is no hint of this being a PS5 “Pro” or a PS5 “Slim”.

Rather, looking at current events, in particular the chip shortage, but also the fact that the latest iteration on the console (CFI-1100) was also apparently motivated by cost-cutting needs, it’s possible this new model of the console is also a way for Sony to fight against component shortages. Possibly by using alternate components for some of their most impacted chips.

VGC reports that Sony are looking into ways to address the component shortage which is plaguing multiple industries (and now expected to last well into 2024), mostly by securing multiple suppliers for their components, but it’s also possible changes in the hardware could help.

Rumors of a redesigned PS5 starting production mid to late 2022 have been bubbling up, with tech website digitimes reporting that it will feature a “new semi-customized” 6nm CPU from AMD.


There clearly is a new hardware model of the PS5 hitting production very soon. But all signs point to some minor internal changes that might or might not be designed to reduce costs or address the component shortage, rather than a new PS5 Pro or PS5 Slim.

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PS5: What we know so far about the new CFI-1200 model