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I'd rather have a beautiful heart than a beautiful face. I’m really sorry you feel ugly but you have to realise everyone is beautiful in their own ways. Ignorant people won't look beyond your face and they are not worth your time. Intelligent people will see you for who you are. Your traits, hobbies and opinions. So focus on those aspects of life, make sure you get good at them.



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Asthetically “beautiful” people are in the minority, the majority of us are NOT beautiful. If you stop & think about it, just how many beauties do you actually know? You will probably come across not many, so if you fall into this category…. Welcome to the world of most of the human race.



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99% of the people are grumpy, sad, moody or experience even depressing thoughts on a permanent level. Why? Because they have those self-destructive thoughts which circulate in infinte patterns: I am too fat, stupid, ugly … 



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As you get older you will understand that it does not take a beautiful face to be very attractive and appealing. That comes from self-confidence, the understanding that you are someone unique.