blowing his cool: Lisa’s Joe in hot water

Not easy being a pedestrian in Bells Corners.

Clear sailing for suburban sprawl cut-through traffic on the Bells Corners strip.

Parked car across from the Bells Corners mosque.
Work has started on road-widening in the Greenbelt.

Two years of construction: $38,700,000.

Allan and Kellen’s fabulous Westcliffe winter fun facility.

Three great rinks: Westcliffe, Lakeview, Bayshore.

Yet another delay. Moodie Station opening pushed back two years to 2025.

Emilie Coyle was transparent.

So are some candidates in the Rideau-Rockcliffe by-election.

Thrift stores opening in the beer store plaza.

A shady deal closed the old Salvation Army thrift store on Moodie.

There has been a lot of misinformation spread by Rick and Jim about the so-called Bells Corners Community Profits Improvement Plan and the dysfunctional efforts of the fake Bells Corners BIA led by Team Lisa MacLeod/Rick Chiarelli.

In reality the secret plan is a finger-licking BAD tax giveaway to the 1% who coincidentally cut fat cheques to Watson and Chiarelli at election time.

A prominent Bells Corners resident calls for freedom of information.

On the Lisa MacLeod gravy train to make Bells Corners great again.

Lisa MacLeod’s hubby Joe Varner in hot water for blowing his cool on social media.

Lynwood Park: nice ice here.

Not so nice here. Change room permanently closed, few skaters.

Change room at Lakeview.

Westcliffe gets lots of skaters.

Great change room.

Superb cross-country skating ring on the old crashed-ice course.

Latest conditions. Westcliffe rink romance.

The Last Zellers.

Zellers ghost gone.

Brewing up a million litres of beer in Bells Corners?

Sucker punch? NOT guilty!

Another Bells Corners crime victim.

Yet another drive-thru fast food place coming next to Tim Hortons under the power lines.

Candidates in the Apr. 15 Rideau-Rockcliffe by-election want ranked ballots and fair elections.

Already elected councillors, not so much.

With a ranked ballots and fair elections Emilie Coyle would be our councillor.

Instead we get this!

OCDSB needs to come up with a good plan. Urgently!

blowing his cool: Lisa’s Joe in hot water