Delema Lou Sits Poor


Delema Lou Sits Poor, age 12, went missing from Pine Ridge, South Dakota in February 1974.

On a brutally cold day, with temperatures below zero, Delema Lou was seen walking on a back road near the Red Cloud Indian School on the Pine Ridge Reservation. It’s believed she was headed from Oglala to Manderson.

One of the first things I did while researching this case was to see how long of a walk it would have been.

According to Google, it is about 41 miles.


I can’t imagine that she really intended to walk over 40 miles in sub-zero temperatures.

Looking at the map route as a U, it does look possible that there was a way to cut across the top on foot, which would still be a very long walk, but substantially less than the vehicle route.

However, the map doesn’t show a road cutting across the top, even when I zoom in.  Additionally, the school where she was reportedly last seen is at the bottom of the U, though it could have relocated since 1974.

Her family believes she is deceased, though her remains have not been found.

I am left with some doubt as to how accurate the circumstances actually are.  If this is somehow true, it’s very possible she died of exposure.  But, then, where is her body? I’d think someone would have found her if she’d died as a result of the cold.

Just because of the sheer unlikelihood of her walking so far in those conditions, I personally find it more likely that whoever provided this information made it up in order to mislead.

I wasn’t able to find any details on who provided this information, but this Facebook post states that she was walking with a friend. It seems nobody knows who the friend was, so who gave this story all those years ago? Why didn’t this friend know any more about their last sighting of her?

Something just isn’t right here.


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Delema Lou Sits Poor