Quick Sewing Projects To Do In 30 Minutes Or Less

We’ve all been there. We have the itch to sew but we don’t want to spend all day making something. We are here to help! Check out these Quick Sewing Projects To Do In 30 Minutes Or Less! These fun projects are useful in the kitchen, the backyard, and even while traveling. The best part is that these are quick to make. Especially after some of the longer clothing projects, it is nice to make something quick and simple. These projects are some of my favorites to do and some of them make nice gifts as well. There is something for everyone on this list. Because you can make these in half an hour or less, you could spend a few hours and make several different projects. Some of them only take about 10 minutes. 

Grab your sewing supplies from the list below and decide which one of these fun sewing projects you are going to make next! Each project has its own list of required supplies, but if you have these basics covered you will have a great head start. Now, sit back and enjoy these fun projects!

Sewing Supplies You’ll Need:

Quick Sewing Projects To Do In 30 Minutes Or Less

Quick Sewing Projects To Do In 30 Minutes Or Less

Sew these simple reusable Swiffer pads and stop throwing money away on cleaning supplies. You can make these little reusable pads in about 15 minutes and just toss them in the wash after you use them. Whip a few of these up and keep your floors looking the best they can.

Keep your surfaces safe from water rings with these easy sew fabric coasters. You can sew a set of these in minutes and they make a nice gift as well. Pick some fabric to match your decor or add some color or design.

Many of us have already made hundreds of masks but if you need some extra this little tutorial will help you make some. You can make this with two layers of fabric and I like to put a little filter pocket in there as well.

My guestroom pillows needed a refresh and these new pillowcases did the trick! This is a simple and quick project that can breathe some new life into your linen closet. I replaced my entire closet

Your kitchen can never have too many potholders. These simple potholders are staples in mine and I use them all the time. You can make these to fit your needs and pick some fabric to match your decor.

I hate having cold hands and fingers and these diy reusable hand warmers are perfect at keeping them nice and toasty! I used some old shirts for these and they turned out great!

Calling all you tea drinkers! One of my favorite projects on this list of quick sewing projects you can in 30 minutes or less are these reusable tea bags!

Tired of wasting money on those gross disposable kitchen sponges? Sew this zero waste kitchen sponge instead. This is an easy project and the best part is you can just toss it in the top rack of the dishwasher when you are done.

Keep your produce fresh a little longer with these reusable produce bags. I use these for my fresh fruits and veggies and it keeps them fresh for longer. This is a simple sewing project you can make in no time!

This fun 2-in-1 sewing project is an essential part of my kitchen. This hanging towel is a kitchen towel that includes a potholder. You can go from the oven to the table with this simple project.

Need a quick baby shower gift? This easy sew baby bib is a great gift for new and expecting moms. Pick out some cute fabric and sew up some of these. You can never have too many bibs!

Another great baby gift is this diaper clutch! It has room for a few diapers and wipes and other essentials for when you want to leave the diaper bag at home.

With virtual learning on the rise, the number of times my kids have asked me where their headphones is at an all-time high. This easy circle zip earbud pouch is the perfect place to store your headphones so that you always have them in reach.

Looking for a better way to help your kids draw and color on the go? This crayon rollup is a wonderful way to carry colored pencils, crayons, and other drawing utensils. My kids love using these on roadtrips.

I made this baby tag blanket for my sister when she had her baby and she loves it. The different textures and colors help your baby learn and grow. This is so fun to make!

Baby blocks are a staple of play for little ones. These fabric baby blocks are easy for little hands to hold. I made these out of super soft fabric and they turned out great.

I never fly without one of these fun travel neck pillows. This is one of my favorite quick sewing projects to do in 30 minutes. This little pillow is so comfortable and I rest so well with this thing!

This envelope clutch purse is a handy little purse to have when you want to ditch your larger bag. Perfect for date nights, a night out with the girls, or anytime you want to use a smaller bag.

Calling all you cast-iron skillet lovers! This skillet handle cover is a must-have when you are cooking with cast iron. I've included a free pattern to make cutting out the shape super easy.

The next project on this list of quick sewing projects you can do in 30 minutes or less is this fabric glasses case. I always end up leaving my glasses in random places when I don't have my case. This one is super easy to sew and keeps my glasses safe.

Bookworms love these easy diy corner bookmarks. They are so easy to use and you don't have to dogear pages to keep your place. Whip up a bunch of these so you have some to spare.

Whether are enjoying a cold drink in the backyard or a hot cup of coffee, this fabric beverage holder will keep your drink at the perfect temperature. Pick out some fun fabric and make some of these today!

If your kids love popsicles like mine do, these little popsicle cozys are great for keeping little hands from getting too cold. This is a super quick project to sew so you can make a ton of these in no time.

If you take care of little ones regularly, you know how useful bibs are! This one is so easy to make. The included free pattern makes is simple to cut out your fabric. Make a few of these and give some away as gifts.

Class up the family pet with this cute dog bandana. These are so simple to make and they look great. You can use scraps for this project so you can make it for virtually nothing.

Another easy sewing project for your dog is this simple dog leash. It is easy to make with scrap fabric so you sew this for pennies. My dog goes through leashes like crazy so I will be making several of these.

Next on our list of quick sewing projects to do in 30 minutes or less is this jean dog bone! Dog toys can be so expensive and this is a great way to save money and upcycle some old jeans. This project has a free pattern to make it easy to cut your your fabric.

Cook up perfect potatoes in minutes with this microwave potato bag! This sewing project has saved me so much headache when cooking up delicious potatoes.

As we near the end of our list of quick sewing projects to do in 30 minutes or less, the next one I want to show you are these diy corn hole bags. My kids love playing this game in the backyard. These bags are easy to make as replacements in case you loose or ruin some of them.

If you love to give wine as a gift, this simple wine bottle gift bag is a great way to class up any gift. I found some fun fabric and made a few of these to use for birthdays and other celebrations.

Make your own rolled hem napkins for your next get-together! Napkins are so easy to make and these rolled hem ones have an elegant flair to them. I picked out some fabric that would add a nice pop of color to my decor.

The last project on our list is this easy sew turban headband. This is a super cute headband and will keep your hair out of your face in style.

We hope you enjoyed this list of these 30+ quick sewing projects you can do in 30 minutes or less. you can sew this weekend! Be sure to let us know which ones are your favorite! These projects are perfect for whipping up something quick so pick one to make this weekend!

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Quick Sewing Projects To Do In 30 Minutes Or Less