Celebrate your children's qualities--not just their exam scores!

These days the board exams results are out. Parents are proudly putting up their children's academic scores all over social media.  I understand how proud they are and how it is their 'right', and their 'reward' and how they 'mean no harm' and 'they are sharing because they are proud of it' etc.

But it's something I would never do. I do believe there are far far more important things in life than academic scores.

Many many years back, when my son was in school, I remember he had scored 98/100. The other mothers called me up asking me what marks my son had got.  I refused to tell.
I still hold the same view.

Our education system is such that the 'rank holders' are glorified. Those who don't do well academically are somehow 'lesser beings'. Those who get into  an IIT or a Medical college are 'exalted'. Others---oh well. This is the general mindset that prevails.

A note about this, appears through Ankita's words in my latest book 'Wake Up Life Is Calling'

I am sharing  a part of that  note.

 There are no grades given for how sensitive a person is.
There are no grades given for how kind a person is, or how
helpful or how funny. There are no grades for the degree of
friendship you carefully cultivate over years. No grades for
loving. No grades for laughing.
And yet, friendship, laughter, love, kindness, hope, joy,
generosity – these are the most important things in life. And there is not a single grade to measure that.

There are no grades given for LIFE.

  Your thoughts please?

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Celebrate your children's qualities--not just their exam scores!