REVIEW: Firestorm by Monette Michaels

Book CoverVeena’s review of Firestorm (Security Specialists, Book 6) by Monette Michaels
Contemporary Romance published by Monette Michaels 13 Jan 20

This is one of my favorite series by an author whose writing I enjoy in the various genres she writes in. Price Teague is a patient hero who’s definitely cut a swathe through the local women, until he meets the one woman who commands his heart and fidelity. And then like a felled hero he suddenly discovers shyness. Tara Nightwalker is a warrior in her own right who can definitely hold her own, not just against Price but against her warrior brothers as well.

I love how the Security Specialists team all watch with amusement as Tara and Price pussyfoot around each other. Tara can’t figure out why Price won’t ask her out and Price, that strong warrior, is nervous. Of course, once Price finally screws up his courage and asks Tara for a date, it’s the signal for all hell to break loose and add a nice element of murder and suspense to the story.

Tara is an intriguing character with a lot of depth. I totally enjoyed who she is with her grit and perseverance and her deep vulnerability. Her brothers, when they show up on the scene, add a lot of color. Price definitely has his work cut out to win them over. Moments with the female warriors of the SIS team with pitched battles, shopping, and fun chats are scenes that only this author can create with her usual pizazz.

Living in Southern California, I’m no stranger to fire and having watched the fires seeming burn all across Australia has brought them up close and personal to people all around the world. Fire is a character in this story, since not only does it play a large role in bringing Tara and Price together, but the author paints a majestic picture of the devastation and destruction it brings with it.

I’m waiting with bated breath for the four books that Ms. Michaels has announced will be her next focus, and then, if I may make a request, I believe Tara’s brothers might make great heroes as well.

Grade: A


She’s a survivor.

Former Air Force pilot Tara Nightwalker survived wartime flying only to come home to a civilian life that was anything but safe. Two years after surviving a brutal kidnapping, it’s time to get on with her life. She finds a job in Idaho as a park ranger and wildland firefighting instructor. After what she’s been through, men aren’t appealing at all. Not until she meets SSI operative Price Teague. He’s strong. Honorable. A warrior. And she knows in her gut … he’s the one.

The only problem is—he doesn’t seem interested.

He’s a patient warrior.

Price Teague envies his fellow SSI operatives who’ve found women to love, because he sure hasn’t been as lucky. Not until the tough, beautiful firefighting instructor comes into his life. The day that some bastard in the woods shoots at them, Tara is cool, calm, and courageous in the face of danger. He recognizes instantly this is the woman he wants.

He’s usually a direct-action sort of guy, but he can see Tara is wary about men. Maybe she’s been hurt in the past. He’ll take it slow … even if it kills him. But when her kidnapper escapes prison, bent on revenge, Price throws out the slow-and-steady approach. Time is not on his side, and there’s no way he’ll let anyone hurt her.

Danger is all around. Then fire season kicks into gear.

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REVIEW: Firestorm by Monette Michaels