More Exciting New Houseplants: Aglos And More

Crotons and begonias were not the only exciting new houseplant varieties I saw at the trade show I recently attended. It is not a secret that I love aglaonemas. I have many different varieties and just found more that I want. I decided to share them with you so you too can think about and want these plants. Look at the colors of the new plants-just gorgeous!

new varieties of aglaonemas

New aglaonemas (left one is a dieffenbachia)

New aglaonemas

Aglaonema ‘Wintry Winehouse’ is a new white vareigated hybrid. The three new aglaonemas were introduced by the Foremost company.

'Wintry Winehouse' Aglo

‘Wintry Winehouse’

These plants have interesting beginnings and I wrote a post about how they get from the wholesale grower to the stores where we buy them, which you can find here.

The patterns on the leaves are simply gorgeous.

'Crosby's Christmas' Aglo

‘Crosby’s Christmas’

'Crosby's Christmas' aglo

‘Crosby’s Chtistmas’ Aglaonema

'Crosby's christmas' aglo

‘Crosby’s Christmas’ leaf

'Bloodstone Billie' Aglo

‘Bloodstone Billie’

More new plants

The plant below is a homolomena called ‘Selby’.

Dieffenbachia 'Selby'

Homolomena  ‘Selby’

How about Dieffenbachia ‘Amy’?

Dieffenbachia 'Amy'

Dieffenbachia ‘Amy’

Sansevierias are some of my favorites

The three new varieties of sansevierias below are from the Fluerizon company.  They supply cuttings of plants to companies that grow houseplants for the mass market. The company is in another country so the plants have to be sent to the United States without soil. If you want to know more about these plants and why the bottoms are purple, read about that here.

'Frozen' sansevieria

‘Frozen’ Sansevieria

'Green Mermaid' Sansevieria

‘Green Mermaid’ Sansevieria

'Black Princess Sandy' Sansevieria

‘Black Princess Sandy’ Sansevieria

Two last plants

I’m not sure the anthurium below is new, but I had never seen it. I would like one. How about you?

Anthurium 'Fingers'

Anthurium ‘Fingers’

The tree below has been available for a while, but it isn’t readily available yet, so I thought I would show it to you anyway. It is a ficus called ‘Audrey’. I have a small one and I love it. It is a gorgeous plant and easier to grow than the ever popular fiddle leaf fig. This plant is definitely worth looking for.

Ficus 'Audrey'

Ficus ‘Audrey’

It is fun to search out the new plants at the trade shows. I can usually spot them a mile away and I make a beeline for them. I hope you enjoyed going along with me to find some new varieties of houseplants. These will be on the market soon and then we all can bring them home to enjoy.

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More Exciting New Houseplants: Aglos And More