LA: The Pod (Remount)

Space can be a lonely place, so we made you a friend

When: February 7–16
Where: Undisclosed location near Franklin Ave. & Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027
Price: $45; includes one alcoholic beverage; 21+; tickets on sale January 18

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Macora Aerospace and Robotics International has selected YOU as a candidate for the first-ever human voyage to Proxima Centauri B, our nearest habitable planet located 4.22 light years from Earth.
But first, both you and your mission partner need to be thoroughly evaluated.
We have organized a training simulation that will prepare the two of you for the decades of your life you’ll spend in deep space. Macora engineers have crafted a vessel using advanced laser propulsion technology — informally known as The Pod — that is capable of making this incredible journey in a mere twenty years!
The Pod can only carry one human being.
Your partner is not human.
But we hope she will be the perfect companion.
Good luck. We’re counting on you both.
From creators Katelyn Schiller & Nick Rheinwald-Jones (Safehouse ‘82). Winner of the Golden Key Award for Immersive Theater at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival, and Nominee for Best Immersive.
This is a 30-minute experience for one audience member at a time, and includes an alcoholic beverage.
Participants must be 21+ to purchase a ticket and attend.

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Office facilities provided by Thymele Arts, in Los Angeles, CA.

Contact Level: Moderate (Familial)

Content Advisories: Moments of darkness (blindfolds will be used), periodic flashing lights, periodic loud noises.

A minimal amount of walking/movement will be required. Venue is wheelchair- and walker-accessible.

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LA: The Pod (Remount)