A New Outfit Made From Sewing AND Knitting

how to knit a shawl

I can’t decide if I like the lopsided wall or the fungal concrete more. Keeping it real, folks!

Now, didn’t I tell you I’d been making stuff? Here is one of my new outfits, composed of both sewing AND knitting.

Let’s start with the shawl, shall we? Long-time readers of Did You Make That already know that it takes me about one gazillion years to knit any single item. Glaciers move at a quicker pace. So, I’m keen to celebrate a finished make!

This is the Waiting For Rain shawl by Sylvia McFadden. It’s a lovely combination of calming garter stitch and head-scratchy lace sections.

waiting for rain shawl

The instructions ask you to ‘aggressively block‘ the shawl, a turn of phrase I love! I now want to aggressively block lots of things in my life – man spreaders, people who torment dogs, lovers of Vegemite. I think we all know where the true path lies.

marmite is the best and dont at me

So, that’s the shawl! Took up one million years of my time on this planet and worth every moment. Shawls are great to knit, because they need no fitting. Strong recommend!

grey shawl

On to the skirt. I made this out of All Saints wool bought from TMOS several years ago. I sewed a very successful pair of culottes out of this beautiful wool, still worn regularly, and had some fabric left over.

When I spotted all the tweed mini skirts on the high street, I decided to sew my own, using an adaptation of the much-lauded pattern V1247. You can see my thoughts on adapting this pattern on my gold pleather version. If you had to choose a single reason to start sewing it’s so that you can type the phrase ‘my gold pleather version’. Happy times!

The grey wool is very neutral, so I went all out on the silk lining. Too much? Nah.

pink silk lining

So, there we are. A whole new outfit, courtesy of my very own hands.

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A New Outfit Made From Sewing AND Knitting