Sugar Skull Jewellery - by Nikki K

 Morning everyone, 

It's been a while since I posted, but wanted to share these fun necklaces with you using Andy's fab Sugar Skull stamp, which is a great size for cards and art, but also for jewellery, it makes a large necklace easily.  It's also great for coming Halloween, to make your own decorations!

I used some of Andy's Rice Papers, and stamped the skull out in different places.  This is fun as you can use any of the rice papers and get a fab different pattern on each skull.

The next bit is tricky, you need to leave the skulls on the paper, and wind some wire, probably 18 to 20 guage (it's slightly more pliable), around the skull.  I cut a long piece, then start at the bottom of the skull, and work my way up both sides.  Keep it flat on the paper, and glue with strong glue as you go.  You will need to hold this for longer than you think, and get sticky fingers.. lol.  Don't hold it down with anything other than your fingers as the paper has a chance of sticking and ripping.

When you get to the top, bend one piece of wire straight (90%) and make a large loop (like making an earring).  I would cut the wire a bit shorter for this step, but not so short that it can't be hidden.  Take the other end of the wire, and wrap around the loop to hold and secure.  Only when this has completely dried, did I cut out close to the wire on the outside.

Once you have this done, cover the whole of the front of the pendant with glue (pva) is fine.  Do this 2 or 3 times, making sure there are no gaps between the edges of the wire and the paper.  You are making a bezel to hold resin.  If you don't have resin, you could use melted UTEE, or another 3d Glaze.

When completely dry from the glue, you can add your resin or glaze, according to manufacturer's instructions.

You don't need to coat the back of the necklace, it has a rough texture but is sealed from the layers of glue anyway.  I like it this way as it shows it is handmade.

Hope you like them, 

Have fun making. xx

Nikki K.


Products Used:
Andy Skinner Creative Expressions Sugar Skull Stamp
Andy Skinner Creative Expressions Rice Papers,
Andy Skinner Quick Grab Glue.

Other items: Versafine, Resin, jewellery wire & findings.
Source: andyskinnerorg

Sugar Skull Jewellery - by Nikki K