Rain & Much Cooler Temperatures on the way to Texas

I hope y’all have had an excellent first of November! We’re certainly well into fall, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas. Those fine folks made it up to 90 degrees today. I mean, it certainly beats the triple digits, but it’s still a bit warmer than I prefer. Across the northern two-thirds of Texas, temperatures are much closer to seasonal norms in the temperature department. That’ll be changing in a few days as a strong cold front gives us a little taste of winter.

Rain timeline

Chance of rain on Tuesday, Tuesday Night, and Wednesday. Rain chances will begin across the northern half of Texas on Tuesday and spread south to include much of Texas on Wednesday and Wednesday Night. Rain chances will end from north to south on Thursday.

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Rain chances will increase tomorrow across the northern half of Texas. Activity is likely to remain showery/misty through the morning. A few storms are possible during the afternoon and evening, with pockets of brief heavy rain in North Texas. Severe thunderstorms are not expected. Rain coverage is likely to increase Tuesday night and on Wednesday. Some heavier showers and thunderstorms are expected.

We are not expecting severe thunderstorms, but we may a few storms produce pea-size hail. Rain chances will increase across the southern half of Texas on Wednesday and Wednesday Night. By Thursday, we’ll start shutting off the faucet starting in the Panhandle and moving south. The last showers should end in Deep South Texas by Thursday night, leaving a chilly and dry air.

Crashy the Cold Front!

High temperatures over the next several days will be falling as a strong cold front moves in from the north. Expect a chilly Wednesday and Thursday before temperatures begin rebounding up on Friday.

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Temperatures will be dropping as a cold front progresses to the south over the next few days. It will undoubtedly feel like winter, where cold rain is falling with temperatures in the 40s. Rain may briefly mix with snow across the northern Texas Panhandle on Wednesday before precipitation concludes. Warm ground temperatures and the light nature of any possible snow should preclude accumulations.

Portions of the Texas Panhandle, West Texas, and Northwest Texas are likely to experience freezing temperatures Thursday Morning and Friday Morning. We may see a frost in protected/low-lying areas as far south as the Concho Valley, Hill Country, Northeast Texas, and East Texas.

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Rain & Much Cooler Temperatures on the way to Texas