Re-Imagine Carroll Park: Come To A Community Visioning Session This Tuesday

This Tuesday, February 26th, please join fellow Carroll Gardeners and the New York Parks Department for a visioning session for the future of Carroll Park.
As we have all noticed, our green oasis is a bit tired and will need a makeover in the near future.
To prepare for that time, the Parks Department is asking local residents to contribute their ideas for a park redesign.

Friends of Carroll Park just sent out this notice on the meeting:
Carroll Park is due for its first renovation in 25 years! Share your thoughts with NYC Parks and Recreation's Planning office at their first community visioning session.

We all love our neighborhood gem, Carroll Park, but anyone who pays it a visit can tell that it's in need of some refurbishing.

The last top-to-bottom renovation of the park was in 1994, which means that it's time for another imagining exercise for the next iteration of our neighborhood hub!

In order to get the best result, it is important that our community begin discussions toward the next renovation. To launch this process, Friends of Carroll Park are working with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation and the office of Councilman Brad Lander.

Thanks to a generous grant from Councilman Lander, design firm Starr Whitehouse has been engaged to begin the process of designing a renovation proposal based on community outreach.

Community input is a vital part of this process, so Parks & Rec will be holding its first visioning session this Tuesday evening, February 26 (full details below).

Starr Whitehouse and the Brooklyn Parks Commissioner will explain the process, and the audience will split into groups to discuss options and gather ideas.

There will be visual aids in the form of plans of other recent parks and photographs of play equipment and tables and benches and other park features.

This is the first step toward discovery of our community's desires and to learn what is possible with current safety and design constraints.

As a follow up, we will launch an online survey to continue collecting ideas. Further meetings will follow to advance open dialogue.

We are counting on you to spread the word, to consider our options, and to contribute toward the next Carroll Park!

NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
Community Visioning Session for renovation of Carroll Park
Tue., February 26
Doors: 6:30 p.m.
Meeting: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
PS 58 Cafeteria
330 Smith Street
(enter from Carroll Street)

Re-Imagine Carroll Park: Come To A Community Visioning Session This Tuesday