Read Around the World: Children’s Books Set in North America

Books transport readers to new places and immerse them in new experiences. North America is a massive continent with a wealth of fantastic stories to devour. As a Canadian who now lives in the United States, I love sharing stories from my country and books set in the rest of North America with my children. And even if your kids currently call North America their home, there’s so much more than their own country to explore. These books will send children on a continent-wide adventure!

yes no Picture Books 9780735266353 Carson Crosses Canada by Linda Bailey, illustrated by Kass Reich

Hit the road and travel coast to coast across the second largest country in the world with this adorable picture book! Annie and her adventurous pooch Carson drive from British Columbia to Newfoundland, marveling at the sights along the way. Young readers will get to see each province and what makes it unique.

9780698119444 Caribbean Dream by Rachel Isadora

Kids who live in the Caribbean or have traveled there will adore this lyrical picture book about island life. Experience the magical place with clear water, refreshing breezes, sunshine, and the joys of living by the sea.

9781770497627 The Hockey Sweater, Anniversary Edition by Roch Carrier, illustrated by Sheldon Cohen

Hockey fans and anyone interested in French Canadian history will love this children’s classic from our neighbors up north. When a young boy in rural Quebec outgrows his favorite hockey sweater and orders a new one, he receives one for a rival team. This charming book has won over generations of hockey-loving readers.

9781524786625 Across the Bay by Carlos Aponte

Bright colors, a missing father, and a young boy on a mission combine in this celebration of life and culture in Puerto Rico. From the sights and sounds to the delicious food, readers will experience the wonders of Old San Juan. It’s an irresistible story for anyone who loves the beautiful island.

9781984816955 Fatima’s Great Outdoors by Ambreen Tariq, illustrated by Stevie Lewis

Outdoor enthusiasts will love this exciting story about a young girl named Fatima going on her first camping trip with her family. This sweet book takes place in the United States and celebrates the much-loved tradition of camping. From setting up camp to enjoying nature, Fatima’s family makes the most of their weekend in the woods.

9780593109038 Coquí in the City by Nomar Perez

This adorable story takes place in Puerto Rico and New York City. Coquí doesn’t think he will ever feel at home on the United States mainland, but a day of exploring the city with his mom helps him change his mind. This book is fantastic for kids experiencing a significant change in their lives.

yes no Early Readers and Chapter Books 9780735267343 Anne’s School Days by Kallie George, illustrated by Abigail Halpin

Anne of Green Gables is an endearing children’s series set on Prince Edward Island, Canada, that has charmed generations of readers. Kallie George adapted Anne’s School Days for early readers from the original story. Adorable illustrations and simple text make this an ideal book to introduce younger kids to the classic tale. Check out the rest of the series here.

9780679824251 Pirates Past Noon by Mary Pope Osborne, illustrated by Sal Murdocca

New chapter book readers love the Magic Tree House series starring the daring sibling duo, Jack and Annie. In this book, readers can travel back in time to visit the Caribbean, search for buried treasure, fend off pirates, and avoid walking the plank.

9780593205006 With Lots of Love by Jenny Torres Sanchez, illustrated by André Ceolin

Moving to a new country is challenging, and it feels overwhelming for Rocio. She and her family leave Central America to move to the United States, where she must learn a new language and adjust to the culture while missing her Abuela back home. This sweet book reminds readers we can feel love across significant distances.

yes no Middle Grade 9780735270602 Innovation Nation by David Johnston and Tom Jenkins, illustrated by Josh Holinaty

Canadians love hockey and donuts, but they’re also incredible innovators. Whether they’re big or small, the people, ideas, and products in this book changed the world. Readers will learn about the inventions that originated in Canada, from canoes and lifejackets to advances in medicine and science.

9780593111307 The Many Meanings of Meilan by Andrea Wang

Family drama forces Meilan’s family to leave their Boston home and hit the road. They get a new start in a small town in Ohio, where Meilan struggles to fit in. However, an incident at school causes her to speak up and show everyone (and herself) how strong she is. This book is an excellent read for anyone who struggles to find their place.

9780399186387 See You in the Cosmos by Jack Cheng

This award-winning book is perfect for fans of Wonder and Counting by 7s. It’s about a boy who travels around the southwestern United States, recording his adventures on his iPod and hoping to launch it into space. Add this book to your kid’s reading stack if they enjoy quirky, thought-provoking stories about unique children with big questions.

9780593176962 Lotería by Karla Arenas Valenti, illustrated by Dana SanMar

Get lost in a fast-paced story about Mexican folklore, fate, and a life-or-death card game. When Clara’s cousin disappears into a mythical kingdom, she ventures in after him. But she doesn’t know that Life and Death are playing Lotería — and the game’s outcome determines her success and survival.

9781101994856 Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk

If you’ve never read Lauren Wolk’s novels for children before, Beyond the Bright Sea is an excellent place to start. Crow is a young orphan girl who knows nothing about her history. With the help of her foster father and neighbor, Crow pieces together who she is and where she came from. This heartfelt book gives readers a peek into a little-known part of American history.

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Read Around the World: Children’s Books Set in North America