Real Jewish Brides: Alexandra on Getting Married Abroad

Alexandra will be marrying Ian in May 2022 at La Corte Dei Messapi in Ostuni, Puglia, Italy. Click here to read all Alexandra’s planning posts to date.

THREE FACTS: (1) Alexandra and Ian are planning an intimate black-tie destination wedding for 60 of their nearest and dearest in Puglia, Italy. (2) Alexandra is Jewish, and Ian is in the process of converting to Judaism. (3) Alexandra is a member of Smashing The Glass’s Brides Club!

Planning a wedding abroad never comes without judgements. I’m going to be honest I’ve judged other people for having destination weddings. Didn’t they realize how much money I’m spending to get to/ go to their wedding?!

Then as we were planning our own we came to realize we wanted to get married in Italy. Tried as we might we couldn’t find the right venue with the right feel in New York, Dallas, or Pittsburgh. We began to think about the lovely trip when we went to the coast of Italy with my family. Once Ian’s parents said they were in we knew Italy would be perfect! My family is always into Italy so they were on board from the get.
Most people that we told about the wedding thought Italy sounded fabulous. One person who shall remain nameless called our wedding, “a explitive you wedding”. I don’t think they realized how hurtful that was and how it still upsets me. People say things without thinking or meaning malice so often and I’m sure this was the case. No one was being forced to attend. People don’t seem to realize that a wedding invitation, is just that an invitation not a draft notice. If you are feeling guilt about your destination wedding acknowledge that it’s valid but you can’t plan a wedding filled with guilt.
I’m going to admit that I was wrong to judge people in the past for their destination weddings. And looking back I’m so glad that I went to every one of them. I hope people feel the same way about our wedding next May, I have a feeling they will!

Click here to read all Alexandra’s planning posts to date.

Alexandra and Ian’s Wedding Vendors booked so far:

Venue – La Corte Dei Messapi

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Real Jewish Brides: Alexandra on Getting Married Abroad