Real Jewish Brides: Maggie on Wedding Planning Depression

Maggie will be marrying Danny on 6th June 2021 at Stone House of St. Charles in St. Charles, Missouri. Click here to read all Maggie’s planning posts to date.

THREE FACTS: (1) Danny proposed to Maggie on his birthday! (2) Maggie is in the process of converting to Judaism (3) Maggie is a member of STG Brides Club!

The idea of wedding planning in today’s society is just plain depressing. In my everyday life I am looking at the occupancy of my hotel going up and down, the possibility of a second round of layoffs, and the continued call of cancelations. In a recent hit to my hotel we found out they are canceling elective surgeries for 8 weeks – we are a hotel near the hospitals so this is a major hit to our occupancy.

Having this perspective on the pandemic just makes me more and more depressed about our day. Getting married on June 6 is the most important thing to me as this was my grandparents’ anniversary. With this in mind we will absolutely not reschedule our wedding, we just know that with this third wave coming we likely will go from a list of 250 guests to about 150 or less.

Current projections in my industry have guests traveling again starting in the middle of the second quarter next year. This is with the idea that the vaccine comes out and works, and that things do not begin to close down again. With states in the US starting to close again for anywhere form 3-8 weeks I begin to wonder if I will even be able to have the guests counts I want.

My venue has a capacity of 400 people so I know that we can have successful social distancing for people who are concerned. I just feel that if you we have to add this Covid responses to our wedding it will take away from a lot of what I have envisioned for our day.

To add on to the disappointment factor my wedding dress came in, only to find out they ordered it wrong so it needed to be sent back to be fixed. I haven’t even seen what my dress looks like yet as the sample was a different color and I made some changes to the dress. The store has at least been great about communicating but I am anxious for it to be fixed and sent back.

On a more positive note I was able to finally propose to all my bridesmaids and they said YES! I also have all their dresses picked out and with 5 options they all picked what they loved and surprisingly we have a nice even assortment of the 5 options. I also finally had a great meeting with our friend Leah Sachs of Leah E Moss Designs and we are currently in process of finalizing our save the dates to be sent out. Finally in one of the most exciting parts of recent new, we received our engagement pictures and we both are in love.

Abbie from Abbie Takes Pictures  and Naomi from Sparked Media Collective were so much fun to work with on our engagement pictures day. Naomi filmed us for a love story video where we share how we met, and how he proposed. Abbie was just so much fun to work with as Danny took everything she said to a literal level and made things silly. We were all laughing the whole day. I think the silliest part of our day was our skipping pictures.

Danny requested that we skip, Abbie stated this wasn’t a common practice but said to go ahead and do it anyways. These are some of the best and most ridiculous photos we have.

Overall I am trying to stay optimistic but with more and more things being canceled, it is hard. I know many other brides to be are in the same boat as I am, and that when the day does come it will still be as magical as expected.

Click here to read all Maggie’s planning posts to date

Maggie & Danny’s Wedding Vendors booked so far:

Photography – Abbie Takes Pictures 
Wedding venue – Stone House of St. Charles
Videography – Sparked Media Collective
Florist – Roses and Mint
Paper goods, ketubah, kippot – Leah E Moss Designs
Bridal boutique – Mia Grace Bridal

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Real Jewish Brides: Maggie on Wedding Planning Depression