Regional Focus: Europe - Pt. 1


Job announcement: Policy Officer (Displacement from Ukraine), ECRE [info]
- No deadline indicated.

Blog posts & press:

Convinced to Stay? The Impact of EU-Funded Information Campaigns in West Africa (MPC Blog, May 2022) [text]

A court case against migrant activists in Italy offers a reminder – not all refugees are welcome in Europe (The Conversation, May 2022) [text]

"Editorial: TPD Implementation: Ukraine Displacement Crisis at the End of Its Beginning," ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 13 May 2022 [text]

"The EU’s real refugee policy: Division and delay," Politico, 12 May 2022 [text]

Externalising refugee protection: less a vision than a mirage (The Loop Blog, May 2022) [text]

Home Office publishes batch of important new documents with further details on policy of relocating asylum seekers to Rwanda (Electronic Immigration Network, May 2022) [text]

In Alliance with Poland, U.S. Must Emphasize Refugee Protection (Just Security Blog, May 2022) [text]

Preliminary findings from an online survey of Ukrainian refugees in Germany and Poland (EUROPP Blog, May 2022) [text]

"Putin sends Mariupol survivors to remote corners of Russia as investigation reveals network of 66 camps," Inews, 7 May 2022 [text]

Refugee Parliament gives a voice to people forced to flee (UNHCR, May 2022) [text]
- Focuses on Switzerland.

The Rwanda refugee deal is a distraction from the real issues in the asylum system (Freedom of Movement Blog, May 2022) [text]

‘Traded Like Commodities and Transferred Abroad for Processing’: Legal and Political Claims Against the UK-Rwanda Deal (Border Criminologies Blog, May 2022) [text]

The UK’s plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda raise four red flags (The Conversation, May 2022) [text]

"Ukraine Displacement: More than 13 Million Displaced and Growing Concern over Vulnerable Groups, Situation in Border States Increasingly Dire," ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 6 May 2022 [text]

War, Resistance and Refuge: Racism and double standards in western media coverage of Ukraine (Media@LSE Blog, May 2022) [text]

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Regional Focus: Europe - Pt. 1