Reiki – The Final Answer to PCOS Epidemic

Reiki - The Final Answer to PCOS Epidemic

Article by Dr. Jayashree Ramana

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder in females and is a by-product of modern day lifestyle. It is an incredibly emotional and lonely journey for a woman to suffer from PCOS. The root cause of PCOS is hormonal imbalance and it is quite common now-a-days because of several factors including the mounting stress levels, pollution and the toxins in cosmetics and personal care products. Unfortunately, conventional medicine has few medications which only mask the symptoms of PCOS, rather than cure the root cause. Generally to the patients are prescribed the birth control pill which essentially shuts down the whole menstrual cycle rather than restoring balance. Therefore it is implicit to get a resolution for this condition at the energetic level. In this regard, Reiki works extremely well to accelerate the healing process, along with a holistic lifestyle.

The major hallmark of PCOS is the absence of ovulation, which results in irregular menstrual cycles and overproduction of male hormones. The symptoms include: acne breakouts (often the cystic kind), weight gain, hair loss, hirsutism (facial hair), etc. However, it comes in several variants, which means that the range of symptoms differs amongst patients.

At the energetic level, these hormonal imbalances in PCOS can be easily traced to the blockages or imbalance in the Sacral chakra, since it houses the ovaries (which synthesize the reproductive hormones). The Sacral chakra is the seat of femininity and creativity. It gets blocked when a woman feels stuck in a rut, unable to freely express her emotions and creative power. This emotional state manifests in the form of an inability to conceive and if pregnancy happens, there are chances of miscarriages. There are several ways to balance the Sacral chakra, including yoga, affirmations, crystals, aromatherapy and of course Reiki.

What causes the hormonal imbalance? In the modern world, most women are career-oriented which is a positive thing. But this puts an excessive pressure on women to compete with men professionally and prove that they are at par with them. While it is the need of the hour and a wonderful move, it puts a toll on the woman’s body especially if she loses touch with her feminine side, while pursuing her aspirations. Men are wired to achieve power and they derive a sense of fulfilment through that. Women are wired to nurture others, develop relationships, connect the tribe, connect hearts as well as to express love and compassion. So it is extremely important to strike the right balance between masculine and feminine energies.

Reiki - The Final Answer to PCOS Epidemic

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How to balance your hormones by balancing your Sacral chakra and connecting with your feminine side

Here are my recommendations on how to re-establish touch with your femininity in order to restore balance in life.

  1. Self-love and self-acceptance: Accept every single part of your body and your emotions. Self-love and acceptance do not go against self-improvement. In my previous article titled, ‘Reiki-the journey to self-love’ I explained, how reiki helps us in cultivating self-love.
  2. Forgiving the past: Most chronic illnesses are a consequence of pent-up emotions that we harbour. So learn to forgive and let go of the past.
  3. Embrace your femininity: Femininity is about creation and passion. While it is completely alright to undertake authoritative roles in the workplace, do not forget to do something alongside to nurture your creative, feminine psyche. It could be anything artistic, like drawing, singing, dancing, sewing, cooking, writing, makeup or anything else that fills you with joy. If you don’t know what your creative passions are, I urge you to find them. I personally express my creativity through my blogs as well as my youtube channel.
  4. Affirmations: Use journaling and write affirmations to get over the past and create a vision for the future. Louis Hay is a pioneer in this area and here are a few affirmations from her work which would specifically help to heal PCOS.
    • Ovaries – Represent point of creation. Creativity.
      Affirmation- “I am balanced in my creative flow.”
    • Female Problems– Denial of the self.
      Affirmation – “I rejoice in my femaleness. I love being a woman. I love my body.”
    • Cysts – Running an old painful movie.
      Affirmation- “The movies of my mind are beautiful because I choose to make them so. I love me.”
  5. Yoga: – Yoga helps to bring about a collaborative shift at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. A regular practice goes a long way in alleviating the symptoms of PCOS.
  6. Aromatherapy – Use essential oils such as sandalwood, jasmine and ylang ylang.
  7. Crystals – Rose quartz, moonstone and carnelian help to optimize the energy levels of various chakras, restoring balance.
  8. Eating bright orange foods — like tangerines, carrots, and sweet potatoes also helps to restore balance in the Sacral chakra.
  9. Reiki – Reiki helps to restore balance in all our chakras, and works as a powerful therapeutic technique to help all the above.

Reiki exercise for PCOS:

In case of PCOS, there are different kinds of energy imbalances. However, the lower three chakras require the greatest healing.

  • Close your eyes, place your hands on these chakras one by one.
  • Tune in and send the Reiki filled with unconditional love and compassion. Don’t stop until you feel the energy shift, and arrive to a place of self-acceptance.
  • As you practice Reiki day in and day out, your hands will tell you when to stop. Reiki knows where to flow and how to heal, let it do its work.
  • Once you change your thoughts and emotions, and remove the energetic blockages, the physical healing is bound to follow.

Know that your body is capable of healing itself. I have had several clients who fully reversed their symptoms by using Reiki and switching their lifestyles.

Your cells, tissue and organs hear and feel all your thoughts – this is the medicine your body needs most right now. This is the elixir your soul waits for. Your healing is in your hands. Let’s do it now.

Love and light

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Dr. Jayashree Ramana
Dr. Jayashree Ramana

Dr. Jayashree Ramana

Dr. Jayashree Ramana is a Bioenergy Healer and Wellness Coach. She is Usui Reiki GrandMaster and practices Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Crystal healing, Lama fera, Magnified healing, Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT), acupressure etc. She is a fitness enthusiast and helps people achieve optimal levels of wellness by amalgamating physical measures including nutrition and exercise along with various alternative therapies. Her vision is to empower people and help them tap into their individual power while simultaneously creating a life of abundance and joy. She was formerly a university professor and scientist in the field of Biotechnology for a decade. Her own personal transformation with reiki sparked her passion for metaphysical sciences and this led her to found ‘The Healing Soul’.
Get in touch with Dr. Jayashree Ramana through her website or you may reach her at Her youtube channel is

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Reiki – The Final Answer to PCOS Epidemic