Report: Boulder Jihadi Laughed While Opening Fire And KILLING Innocents: “He’s Laughing At Us.”

Democrat sharia-compliant media is ignoring this, all of Boulder mass murder forthat matter, in the cause of Islamic supremacism.


Report: Boulder Shooter Allegedly Laughed While Killing Innocents

By: AWR Hawkins, Breitbart, 28 Mar 2021:

Suspected Boulder gunman Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa allegedly laughed as he moved through grocery store Monday, firing rounds and killing innocents, according to a local news report.

Fox 35 Orlando reports Angelina Romero-Chavez was in the grocery store’s deli when the attack began. She said, “We could hear a man chuckling. Gunshots were close. We believe it was him chuckling.”

The Denver Post noted officers who responded to the scene radioed, “This guy is laughing at us.”

Alissa carried a handgun and an AR-15 variant firearm into the grocery for his attack. Police do not believe he fired the handgun.

He killed nine civilians and one police officer, a ten-year Boulder Police Department veteran and a father of seven.

Breitbart News observed Alissa purchased the firearm he used six days before the attack. He complied with all gun controls, passing a background and buying the gun at retail.

Reuters pointed out Alissa made “the purchase legally.”