Report: Jennifer Lopez Told Marc Anthony She’s Marrying Ben Affleck?

Ben Affleck, looking surprised, walking with Jennifer Lopez in 2003

It’s been a little over a month since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted in Montana on vacation together. The pop star had just called off her engagement with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez and the Oscar-winning actor had been getting over his break-up with actress Ana de Armas by hitting the dating apps. According to one tabloid, Lopez and Affleck are finding their happy ending together, already planning a wedding, and Lopez has already told her ex, Marc Anthony. Gossip Cop investigates. 

Already Engaged?

Woman’s Day has not wasted any time claiming Lopez and Affleck are already engaged, explaining their wedding plans in the first paragraph. Apparently, the Argo actor proposed at sunset last month in Miami and are planning their nuptials in the same city. The outlet is alleging the couple’s wedding vision includes ideas from their 2003 planned wedding with input from their collective five children. 

The publication further muses that Lopez will include their three girls in her bridal party, while “Ben wants [his] boys to be groomsmen and Casey [Affleck, his brother] to be his best man. This is about family this time, and they want everyone involved – from Marc to provide music and Jen’s dad to walk her down the aisle,” an unnamed source told the outlet.

Did Lopez Already Tell Her Ex?

Speaking of Lopez’s ex-husband, the article speculates Marc Anthony was one of the first people the Hustlers star told about her upcoming wedding. The former spouses were photographed together having lunch. “It wasn’t an easy conversation as she was engaged to someone else a few short months ago,” an unnamed so-called friend spilled. But Marc’s at the point where he just wants her to be happy. It seems he was right all along about her still holding a torch for Ben, but unlike Alex, he told her he thinks this marriage could be the one that lasts.”

This same person was not afraid to give their opinion about Lopez getting engaged so quickly after her breakup with Rodriguez. It’s kind of weird as it’s like she swapped grooms after coming so close to marrying Alex.” They ended the article describing their presumed wedding details, including Jennifer Lopez wearing the dress she was supposed to wear the last time she had a date with Affleck in the front of a church.

Gossip Cop’s Take

Every single week it seems Gossip Cop is busting at least one story about these two. Last week, it was a story from In Touch claiming the couple was already engaged, but we will say our judgment a little louder for those who didn’t hear it the first time. Anything is possible in the future, but it doesn’t seem likely that the couple is there yet, the relationship is still brand new. Lopez broke things off with Rodriguez in April. However, Vanity Fair and E! News are reporting Lopez is moving back to LA from New York, but until there is an actual announcement, the tabloids shouldn’t be trusted.

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Report: Jennifer Lopez Told Marc Anthony She’s Marrying Ben Affleck?