Resources & Prayer Requests from Our Global Network

One of our goals here at The BAM Review, and in all our work, is ‘to put more global into BAM Global‘. We want to strengthen and invigorate the BAM movement in all parts of the world, creating greater depth and breadth globally.

To continue our ‘BAM: A Global Glimpse‘ series of blogs, we asked nine of our BAM Global Ambassadors to share what resources were available in their network, their plans for the future, and how we can pray for them.


What are the plans and activities in your region or issue network for the next 12 months? What resources do you have to share with people? How do people connect with you?


We are planning a BAM event on 16th October, in Bucharest, where the youth from the BAM Incubator program will be able to pitch their business in front of potential angel investors.

I visited and connected with those who are doing Business as Mission in Romania and I wrote down their story on the BAM Romania website. We also want to translate and create some video resources for the BAM Romania website and social media. We are planning to find and visit people who are doing BAM in Romania and write up their story or create a short video with their story.

Connect with us through the BAM Romania website and social media pages:

BAM Romania Website



Adrian Buhai, BAM Romania


Our main activity is to organize resources for social media, spread the vision, seek partnerships with other institutions, raise funds, and build a team. I also direct people interested in BAM to find courses, lectures, and partners in the BAM ecosystem operating in Brazil. Plans for the next 12 months include the registration of BAM Brasil as an organisation, developing the website, and the creation of a framework that will allow BAM Brasil to generate resources so that it can grow. We continue to establish as the main BAM network in Brazil, offering events, and training for entrepreneurs, churches, universities and missionary agencies. We’ve been mapping and strengthening the ecosystem for BAM in Brazil and work by partnering with other groups, involving them in our events. Today our partners in the BAM ecosystem include: Mission Agencies, e.g. Crossover, YWAM; Theological seminaries, e.g. FATEV, FABAPAR; International Networks, e.g. Tent Brasil, Open Brasil; Incubators and Investors, e.g. Bluefields, Lightup, Goldstreet Venture Capital; Companies, e.g. Snowman Labs and Asaweb, and many others.

Our main channels are:





People can connect directly with us via Instagram. Look out for our new website coming soon, along with our new team email address and contact form.

Samara Bramen, BAM Brasil


For the BAM South Asia region, we are organizing webinars every two months on helpful topics. Our next regional conference will be in February 2022, Lord willing.  All the major marketplace ministries in the region are now a part of the BAM South Asia Network: ICCC, FCCI, CBMC, BLG, BMFI, Partners Worldwide, etc.

Find out more at the BAM South Asia website. The webinars are listed on that site and people can connect with us via:



We also have WhatsApp groups and a mailing list, people can join by invitation through the other channels and marketplace networks mentioned above.

Joseph Vijayam, BAM South Asia


Right now my main activities are:

  • Seminars about BAM and Workplace ministry all over Russia (usually there is at least one trip every month);
  • Meetings (online and in-person) with pastors and business people to share about BAM;
  • Administration of the BAM Russia website, YouTube channel and social media.

In the next 12 months I am going to:

  • Launch several online courses on the base of the Eurasia Theological Seminary about theology of work. marketplace ministry and at least one particularly on BAM;
  • Organise at least one local (city level) BAM conference;
  • Find and attract some people in my team; till now I have some pastors, church leaders and business people, who encourage me to do this ministry, but I have nobody who is ready to involve in this ministry or support it.

People can access our resources and get in contact via:

BAM Russia Website





Mikhail Dubrovskiy, BAM Russia


We value an ecosystem approach and have or are actively looking to connect with any like-minded organisations and networks that will add value in these six focus areas we have identified, for example, one new emerging partnership is with ZIWANE – a Christian business network with a continental reach – and now BAMSA is listed as one of their partners. We appreciate BAM Global as a partner in this journey!

We are in the midst of the three roundtable sessions in August, September and October this year. These sessions are on the six main focus areas we have identified where the network can add value:

  • Advocacy / Mobilisation
  • Training / Implementation
  • Practitioner support / Mentorship network

Over the next 12 months, the outcomes of the three roundtable sessions will largely guide our planning ahead.

We’re at an early stage, but people are very welcome to connect with us through:



Derick Slabbert, BAM Southern Africa


BAM Academics will continue to bring together BAM-oriented academics from around the globe. Specifically, in Fall 2021 there will be a BAM Academics Panel to continue some of the discussion that occurred during the BAM Global Congress. Additionally, we will be participating in regional BAM conferences with presentation opportunities and networking events. There are a few BAM Academics collaborating on BAM research projects.

BAM Academics has an invitation-only BGlobal Community Group where participants can connect, share and collaborate. To get engaged with BAM Academics click request to join if you are already a member of BGlobal or email me.
Dr. Mick Bates, BAM Academics


One denomination has had their first experience with a BAM project and are now learning from this and moving to the next step. Another denomination is this year forming a BAM group and the strategy where business people will lead the way into the future with a complimentary part, fully integrated in the bigger picture of their mission. A first BAM conference could emerge through this denomination’s initiative over the coming 12 months though the leading strategy will be BAM practice rather than conferences, to attract and keep the interest of the business people.

I plan to start a BAM Nordic group on BGlobal Community and a website when the time is right. For now, I will connect others to what is happening in the region and people who want to connect can email me.
Hakan Sandberg, BAM Nordic Countries


Right now, my main activities are to introduce the BAM movement to the NE India region and beyond and identify people to join the movement. Another activity is to encourage and create a platform where Christian business persons and entrepreneurs can come together and fellowship, network and grow in their spiritual life and in their business venture.

Plans for the next 12 months include:

  1. To organize BAM training for the NE India region and from there prayerfully try to identify two persons each at least who catch the vision (one from business person and another a pastor or academician) and willing to voluntarily facilitate for their respective States to strengthen BAM NE India and thereby BAM Global movement.
  2. To pray and see if BAM NE India training center can be develop in close coordination with BAM Global in partnership with other BAM entities, the NE India Churches, mission organizations, theological schools and universities/ institutions through online and in person programs to bless the region and beyond to Myanmar and Bangladesh, and the surrounding BAM ecosystem.
  3. Also, if God wills, can connect the above two with the Asian Highway movement to bless this “21st Century Roman Road” with the presence of BAMers. We want to prepare a highway for the King of glory and all to hear and know Him in these places!

People can connect to us via:

Glocal Volunteers Website


Signal: +91 943 689 1623

Telegram/WhatsApp: +91 700 531 0252

Manglal Thangniang, BAM NE India


If you are interested in getting mobilized into BAM, check out these great resources on business as mission:

BAM Resource Website (you’re on it!)

BAM Global Website

Business With A Mission Website

If you are a business person wanting to connect or a fellow mobilizer, you can email me.
Dave Stone, BAM Mobilization


How can we pray for you and your region/issue network?

  • Please pray for the eight people (Richard, Roxana, Ioana, Cristina, Bogdan, George, Ovidiu and Kamal) who are in BAM Incubator Program now. We want to help them to start their business offering coaching, community and capital.
  • Pray for the BAM event on the 16th of October in Bucharest, it is the first large event that we organize as a BAM community in Romania.

Adrian, Romania


  • We need financial resources to structure BAM Brasil
  • I ask for prayer to find a mentor to walk with me on my spiritual journey, purpose and calling.

Samara, Brazil


  • Please pray for the avoidance of a third wave of COVID in India. The second wave was devastating.
  • Pray also that we are able to go ahead with the planned BAM South Asia Conference in February 2022. Pray for wisdom about the right speakers, participants, venue, finances, etc.

Joseph, South Asia


  • Please pray that a good team of Christian business people start in every city where there have been BAM seminars – so we can build a strong national network with centres in different cities.
  • Also pray for my connection with the key people who can be BAM leaders and ambassadors in their churches (unions), cities and so on.
  • My personal biggest need is a team: I need people to administer the website, to manage social media, to record and produce video (interviews with business people, webinars and so on).

Mikhail, Russia


  • Please pray for traction and fruit from the two roundtable sessions so far and the upcoming event on the 13th October.
  • Pray for wisdom as we take the outcomes from these gatherings and plan for the year ahead.

Derick, Southern Africa


  • A common adage is that leading university professors is like herding cats! Please pray for the hearts of more academics to come into alignment around the value of working together to forward the greater BAM movement. Academics have tremendous influence in young adults, business and society.

Mick, Academics


  • Pray that God will give me patience to abide by his timing and follow his wisdom.
  • Pray for the development of the BAM network in the Nordic region and openness from denominations.

Hakan, Nordic Countries


  • Please pray that God will give me wisdom to lead and work together as a team with those who share this vision.
  • For the favor of God to influence others to join the movement so that NE India and its surrounding will see an unprecedented awakening of the BAM Movement.
  • Pray also that God will show me the way and help me start a BAM enterprise here for His greater glory and for a sustainable mission work.

Manglal, NE India


  • Afghanistan. Our company employs 15 people who are minority ethnic people who the Taliban will try to subjugate again, especially the women.
  • Developing young leaders in our company, First Rate.
  • Expansion of our company thru acquisitions and new business in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Dave, Mobilization



Compiled and edited by Jo Plummer, with thanks to Mats Tunehag who coordinates our global BAMbassador network for BAM Global.

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Mats Tunehag is a senior global ambassador for BAM and has worked in over half the countries of the world. He is the chairman of BAM Global and contributes to Visit for BAM resources in 22 languages.


 Jo Plummer is the co-chair of BAM Global and co-editor the Lausanne Occasional Paper on Business as Mission. She has been developing resources for BAM since 2001 and currently serves as Editor of the Business as Mission website and blog.




Resources & Prayer Requests from Our Global Network