Rev’it Broadens Apparel for Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Rev’it has hit the ground running for the upcoming riding season by expanding on its motorcycle apparel collection. New products will appear in seven segments, including Adventure Sport and Touring. Rev’it even has some cool-looking footwear for a well-rounded approach to riding gear. I’ve had great success with their suits in the past.

True to the excellent craftsmanship we’ve come to know from Rev’it, these new jackets, boots, jeans, gloves, and other protectors look like some solid fashion built with functionality in mind.

Do you own any Rev’it gear? If so, what’s your favorite item?

Rev’it Press Release:

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (Feb. 28, 2022) – Rev’it! is kicking off the riding season with the Spring/Summer 2022 Collection, expanding its technical motorcycle apparel range across seven segments: Adventure Sport, Adventure Touring, Adventure Travel, Heritage, Metropolitan Commuter, Race, and Urban Sport. The Denim and Footwear Collections have grown, too.

“If there is one thing we have learned during the pandemic,” says  Rev’it! Global Sales Director Erik van Bilsen, “it is that motorcycling positively contributes to mental health. It is a way to escape, a vehicle that helps you disconnect and enter a state of contemplation and tranquility — alone or with like-minded spirits.”

The Spring/Summer Collection includes 67 new products — 19 jackets, 14 boots, 10 jeans, 10 pants, nine gloves, two overshirts, and two Seesmart protectors, plus a one-piece leather suit. Advanced fabrics, innovative features, and smart design keep riders comfortable, protected, and looking great, on and off their motorcycles.

Much of the collection is well-suited to commuting. “In recent months,” says van Bilsen, “we have seen many turn to motorcycling for their daily travels, rediscovering the fun and freedom that commuting on two wheels provides. Rational arguments about saving money and parking issues aside, we think this shift is here to stay.”

Rev’it!! Spring/Summer 2022 Collection highlights:

  • ADVENTURE SPORT: Matador Jacket
    Performance-first design, reflected in features, material selection, and garment shaperev'it matador jacket
    Strikes a balance between Adventure Sport and Adventure Travel, leaning toward former for function and latter for fit

rev'it valve jacket

  • ADVENTURE TRAVEL: Cayenne Jacket
    Developed to meet the extreme needs of the most demanding on- and off-road motorcyclists

cayenne rev'it jacket

    Sleek-looking, smooth-shifting motorcycle boots engineered for high-performance riding and more

rev'it motorcycle footwear


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Rev’it Broadens Apparel for Spring/Summer 2022 Collection