REVIEW: BRUNCH Dishes Debut at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Disney World

One of the most popular restaurants in Magic Kingdom is going through some CHANGES right now!

Be Our Guest

We recently saw that Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland extended its hours so that this spot now opens at 10AM. This change made us hopeful that some breakfast or brunch options could be returning to the menu with the earlier opening time. So of course we made a reservation to check out the menu and see if our brunch dreams have been realized. Come along with us to check it out!

For a while now, Be Our Guest has been serving only lunch and dinner (not breakfast), and both meals have had the same prix fixe menu. Both are table service meals, and both are priced the same. We used to recommend this spot for a quick-service lunch (which was a pretty good deal if you just wanted to visit the impressive dining rooms), but now that option is no longer available.

Be Our Guest restaurant

In the past, we haven’t been in love with the prix fixe meal here, which is inspired by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in a nostalgic nod to the old Disney World attraction. This change happened for Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, and the meal features themed items like the Captain Nemo Octopus appetizer. The food is actually pretty good, but at $62 per adult and $37 per child, we just have a tough time justifying the cost.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

But we’re returning to this spot today because there are 2 NEW entrées on the menu now! The earlier opening time has inspired a couple of brunch options, with 1 new dish for adults and 1 for kids. Here’s a hint: the kids’ option includes Mickey Waffles! And before you ask, yes, you can order the Mickey Waffles as an adult and get a double portion.

Let’s go in!

Our server told us that the new eats are available from 10AM to 12PM, and they’re expected to stick around at least through this summer. So how do these eats stack up against the rest of the menu? Let’s find out!


We’ll start out with a look at the atmosphere of this restaurant, which is really what you’re paying for with that $62 price tag. Because when you come to Be Our Guest, you’re invited to dine inside the Beast’s castle from Beauty and the Beast! And yes, it is just as grand as it looks in the movie.

Let’s go inside!

There are 3 different dining rooms, and each is more unique than the last. The first room you’ll see (and probably the most popular one) is The Grand Ballroom.

Grand Ballroom

This is a dream come true for die-hard Beauty and the Beast fans. You can actually be inside the gorgeous ballroom from the iconic “Tale As Old As Time” scene! There are massive chandeliers, ornate decorations, and huge windows in the back that show (simulated) winter scenes from outside.

So pretty!

For a cozier vibe, check out The Rose Gallery, which displays art from the movie in an elegant setting.

Rose Gallery

In the middle of the room, there’s a large music box with Belle and the Beast dancing on top.

Inside the Rose Gallery

But the most unique place to eat in this restaurant is probably The West Wing.

West Wing

This dining room is dark and foreboding (like the West Wing from the movie), with features like the enchanted rose and the Beast’s torn portrait.

Enchanted Rose

Sometimes, the Beast can be spotted in the dining rooms, walking through and waving to guests! This isn’t really a character dining experience, as he doesn’t usually stop or interact with guests. It’s more like a character sighting. But it’s a fun addition to the meal, and there aren’t many places to spot the Beast in Disney World!

The Beast

Now that you know about the beautiful dining rooms, let’s move on to the eats!


Like we mentioned before, this restaurant has a prix fixe menu for both lunch and dinner. The meal costs $62 for adults and $37 for kids (ages 9 and under). Adults start by choosing from the appetizers menu…


…and then select their entrée.


Each meal also comes with a dessert trio, which features samples of 3 different desserts.


Kids also choose an appetizer and entrée


…as well as 2 side dishes and a dessert.


The drinks menu includes a few non-alcoholic specialty drinks


…some signature wines and champagnes


sparkling drinks and wines


…and beer and cider options.


Right now you might be wondering, what happened to those brunch options? When we came by, these options weren’t on the official menu yet. But they are available! The brunch dishes include a Fluffy Savory Egg Omelet for the adults and Mickey Waffles (!!!) for kids. These choices are available from 10AM to 12PM each day.

Our table

Of course, we had to try both of the brunch dishes! But we started out with appetizers first. When we sat down, we were brought some bread rolls to munch on before our appetizers arrived.


The bread was nice and soft, and it was warm when it came out, which meant the butter melted as soon as we spread it onto the roll!


We chose the Country Seasonal Salad for our adult meal appetizer (which has a peach vinaigrette right now). This salad was full of berries, which we think makes it perfect for springtime. There were some walnuts in it as well, which brought a good crunch and some extra texture. The dressing was very bright, and we thought all the flavors worked well together. Overall, it’s very tasty but not a super filling salad, which makes it a pretty good appetizer. If you don’t like sweet vinaigrettes or fruit, you’ll want to stay away from this one!

Country Seasonal Salad

And for our kid’s meal appetizer, we went with the Seasonal Fruit and Cheese Plate! This appetizer came with grapes, strawberries, and a couple of cheese wedges (White Cheddar and Sharp Cheddar). Both kinds of cheese had pretty strong flavors, but we enjoyed them! The fruit was fresh and crisp.

Fruit and Cheese Plate

Now on to the brunch dishes!


The adult brunch choice is a Fluffy Savory Egg Omelet made with Brie Cheese and topped with Lump Crab Meat and Choron Sauce. This is served with Roasted Potatoes. We thought this was more of an egg souffle than an omelet, but either way, it was very delicious. The topping especially was great, with large pieces of crab meat.

Fluffy Omelet

The sauce on top is rich, and we think it really makes the dish. The potatoes were seasoned nicely, and they’re especially good when dipped in that sauce! Overall, we LOVED this.

Super tasty!

For the kids, there are Mickey Waffles, which are served with Fluffy Mickey Eggs, Savory Bacon, Sausage, and Roasted Potatoes. We love that you can get Mickey Waffles here now! The waffles themselves were just like we expected — crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a deliciously malty flavor. The bacon wasn’t super crisp, so anyone who likes softer bacon will enjoy this (and it’s still cooked well).

Mickey waffles!

As a fun surprise, the eggs were also Mickey-shaped! The mini-omelet was good, and it was pretty dense as well, which made it filling. The potatoes were also seasoned well, and the sausage was just a normal sausage link. Overall, this is a fun option for kids or adults! Remember that adults can order this meal, and they’ll get a double portion. You get a little bit of everything, and it’s a very classic breakfast spread.

Mickey eggs!

For dessert, we got the Dessert Trio, which comes with a Lemon Jam Macaron, a Chocolate Tart filled with Grey Stuff, and a Dark Chocolate Truffle.

Dessert Trio

The tart has crispy pearls and a white chocolate decal that has a picture of Chip on it! The filling is very creamy and delicious, and this is a fan favorite for a reason. (In case you’re not familiar with the Grey Stuff already, it’s basically a cookies-and-cream mousse.)

So yummy

The macaron was very sweet, and you can definitely taste the raspberry in it. We didn’t really get a strong lemon flavor. And the truffle is filled with a dark chocolate Grand Marnier ganache, which makes it super rich. There is a hazelnut flavor to it, but it’s pretty subtle.

Super sweet!

The kids’ dessert trio is a DIY situation! It comes with a few colors of food dye, so you can paint your own white chocolate Chip mug! There’s also a Chocolate Cake Pop, some of the Grey Stuff, and a Strawberry Macaron.


The mug is simple white chocolate, but it is very fun to paint it yourself. The cake pop was surprisingly soft! It wasn’t too dense or dry, and it had a rich chocolate-y flavor.

Cake Pop

The macaron definitely has a strong strawberry taste, and it reminded us a lot of strawberry jam.

Nosh or Not

Visit the Beast in his castle for brunch if:

  • You’re looking for a quiet, sit-down meal in Magic Kingdom. This restaurant has a gorgeous atmosphere, and sometimes it’s nice to take a long mid-day break and enjoy a meal.
  • You want to experience immersive dining. The dining rooms are truly beautiful here, and they’re especially fun if you or someone in your group is a huge Beauty and the Beast fan.
  • You’re a big fan of brunch and want a luxurious meal. Although we would normally recommend getting something like the Filet Mignon to really get the best bang for your buck, the omelet was still VERY delicious, and we won’t say no to Mickey Waffles any day of the week!

Look elsewhere for your Magic Kingdom brunch if:

  • You’re dining on a budget. The price for this meal stayed the same, at $62 per adult and $37 per child. That’s a pretty hefty cost anyways, and even more so for a light brunch. Check out some cheaper (and still delicious) options in Magic Kingdom like the Nutella and Fruit Waffle at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments! It’ll still fill you up, and it won’t cost you nearly as much.
  • You don’t have time for a full sit-down meal at 10AM. There’s a lot to do in Magic Kingdom, and a table service meal takes a pretty big chunk of time. If your day is packed full of activities, you might not want to spend 2 hours on brunch. Consider some of the quick service choices for breakfast, like the aforementioned Sleepy Hollow, Gaston’s Tavern (for the best cinnamon roll in Magic Kingdom), or even Cheshire Café (where we highly recommend that Cheshire Cat Tail pastry). Side note — is it wrong to recommend Gaston’s Tavern over the Beast’s Castle? That feels a little weird to us…. 😉
  • You’re not a big Beauty and the Beast fan. The most impressive part of this restaurant is still the amazing theming. But if you don’t love the movie, you might not be as awe-struck as other guests. And that can make the price tag hurt even more. For other themed dining in Magic Kingdom, check out Cinderella’s Royal Table or the Winnie the Pooh–themed Crystal Palace.


We really enjoyed the new brunch options at Be Our Guest! The omelet especially was very tasty, and the addition of a rich sauce and crab meat made it more worth the price. Still, we think if you are going to pay full price for this meal, you should probably go with one of the more deluxe entrée options, like the Center-cut Filet Mignon.

Be Our Guest

We do think it’s SO fun that Mickey Waffles are available here! Honestly, it’d be tough to resist that double-portion as an adult…. The service during our visit was great, as always. Our server was attentive and helpful, and she answered all of our (many) questions. Although this restaurant is pretty expensive, we think it could be well worth a visit if you love Beauty and the Beast and want to try some tasty food!

Keep following DFB for more reviews on all the new eats in Disney World!

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REVIEW: BRUNCH Dishes Debut at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Disney World