REVIEW: Does Raglan Road Brunch Stand Up Against the Other Disney Springs Options? We Find Out.

We try a lot of food in Disney World. We’ve tried hundreds of snacks, desserts, drinks, and even an octopus drink one time (yeah, it was weird). There have been some real standout winners in our time, which makes it hard to definitively pick a favorite meal. Thankfully, the brilliant concept of brunch lets us enjoy it all — drinks, sweet breakfast foods, savory entrees, AND dessert!

We hope you brought your appetite!

Today, we’re visiting Raglan Road for a sunny outdoor brunch! Is this fun (and sometimes loud) dining experience worth a visit to Disney Springs? Let’s find out!

Raglan Road is an authentic Irish pub located in Disney Springs. This restaurant serves a mixture of classic Irish dishes and unique entrees. If you hit it at the right time, you might even experience some live Irish music and dancing during your meal. On the weekend, guests can come for the Rollicking Raglan Brunch, which features a special food and drink menu.


During our visit to Raglan Road on a Sunday morning, we were treated to some live music, which made for a fun and lively atmosphere. In the restrooms, you might hear a talk show playing overhead, and in the dining rooms, you might see some authentic Irish decor.

We got a nice outdoor spot!

There are several different seating options, including both indoor and outdoor dining. Raglan Road offers standard tables and chairs, booths, bar seating, and outdoor tables and chairs. Depending on where you sit (and if there’s live music playing during your visit), it might be a little noisy. At times, we found it a little difficult to hear our server. Guests are given nice cloth napkins and reusable paper menus. If you decide to dine at Raglan Road, be prepared for some funky, unique options!


The menu has a wide selection of Irish appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Sides cost extra, though the portion sizes for our entrees were pretty large.

There’s a special brunch menu only available on the weekend!

On the brunch menu, you can choose from a variety of starters, such as Wings, Shrimp, or Soup. Some of the menu items might have funny names, but don’t be afraid to look past the name!

There are so many options!

The entree menu is split into two sections: brunch and lunch. While the brunch menu has some of the more traditional breakfast/brunch items, like Eggs Benedict, Avocado Toast, and Pancakes, the lunch menu offers a Chicken Sandwich, Fish & Chips, and Salad, to name a few.

Don’t forget a drink!

Of course, this is a pub, so there are plenty of drinks, flights, and cocktails as well!

Eats & Drinks

First, let’s talk drinks. We ordered the Iced Irish for $15. It’s made with Paddy’s Irish Whiskey, Butterscotch Schnapps, Baileys Salted Caramel, and Iced Coffee, then topped with Whipped Cream.

Iced Irish

We found ourselves a little disappointed with this drink; it was quite watery and bitter. Our server informed us that this is a pre-made drink, so you cannot order it without the alcohol, either. Upon our first sip, we tasted the strong Irish Whiskey flavor, but as we continued to drink, we mainly tasted watery, bitter coffee. Unfortunately, we didn’t taste any of the caramel or sweet butterscotch flavor.

This is definitely an adults-only drink!

Our server also started us off with some bread! We received a basket of nice wheat bread topped with oats and balsamic sweet vinegar and olive oil on the side. By itself, the bread was a little dry, but once we dipped it in the balsamic sweet vinegar and olive oil, it was AMAZING! The vinegar and olive oil was incredibly sweet and complemented the bread perfectly!


For our main entree, we ordered All This… And Eggs On Top for $22. Obviously, the name doesn’t give much away, but this dish consists of pulled slow-braised beef, potato hash with sautéed mushrooms, green onions, and mushroom ketchup, topped with two sunny-side up eggs. It looks good, but how did it taste?

All This… And Eggs On Top

Right off the bat, the braised beef was cooked well and had a nice texture, though we thought it was lacking seasoning; we mainly picked up the mushroom ketchup and beef flavors in the hash. Our eggs were perfectly cooked sunny-side up and had that nice ooze as we cut into the egg. We didn’t find very many mushrooms in the hash, but the few we managed to find had a nice garlic seasoning.

Those eggs look pretty nice!

If you don’t mind your foods touching on your plate and you aren’t afraid of a little mushroom ketchup combo, you might like this dish! On the other hand, if you don’t like eating a mixture of flavors and textures at the same time, you might want to skip this dish.

Time to take a bite!

From the lunch menu, we ordered the Now You’re Talkin’ Chicken Sandwich for $22. This sandwich was made with a fried buttermilk chicken breast, hot sauce, scallions, shredded pickled slaw, truffle aïoli, and grated parmesan.

Now You’re Talkin’ Chicken Sandwich

This dish was clearly made for fried chicken lovers; we got a nice, big, juicy piece of fried chicken coated with a warm, crunchy batter. Good news — this was a winner! The chicken paired quite well with the rest of the toppings, and the hot sauce was subtle (the sauce gave us just a tiny tingle sensation on our tongue). While the pickled slaw was a little overpowering, it did add a nice crunch to the sandwich. If you don’t like the taste of pickles, you might not like the slaw.

Time for some chicken!

Typically, truffle sauces tend to be quite strong and flavorful, but in this case, the truffle aïoli wasn’t overpowering or overwhelming. As cheese-lovers, we wish there was a little more parmesan, though overall, this was a really good sandwich. If you’re craving a chicken sandwich, we suggest giving this a try!

Now, let’s chat about the fries…because they didn’t wow us. Our fries were not seasoned or salted, so they tasted a little bland. That said, the fries had a nice texture and went well with the sandwich, but they certainly didn’t add anything to the meal.

Make sure to take a BIG bite!

Make sure to save some room for dessert! We ordered Ger’s Bread & Butter Pudding for $11. The description for this dessert simply reads, “Like no other you’ve ever had, believe us,” so there isn’t a whole lot of information to go off of when you’re ordering this.

Ger’s Bread & Butter Pudding

In the past when we’ve ordered this dessert, our bread was FILLED with raisins. This time, we only found a sad total of four raisins in the bread pudding. Luckily, the texture was soft and chewy, yet still had a crunchy harder crust. Of course, this dish really shines when the vanilla and caramel drizzle are spread on top of the bread pudding. They added such a fantastic sweet, buttery flavor to the bread pudding. In fact, this dessert NEEDS the sauces to really come alive. Otherwise, the bread is pretty bland.

Look at that drizzle!

If you typically enjoy bread pudding, or you’re looking for a quality dessert to end your meal, ORDER THIS! Despite the lack of raisins this time around, we can’t deny that the sweet drizzle combined with the soft bread is a true winner.

Nosh or Not?

Make a point to visit Ragland Road for brunch if…

  • You’re looking for a fun, pub-style atmosphere — Raglan Road is not for the soft-spoken or the timid. It’s a noisy, busy pub with lots of music and plenty to drink. This isn’t meant to be a typical Disney World restaurant, and that’s what makes it so fun!
  • You’re willing to be adventurous and try traditional Irish foods — From Cheshire Heritage Pork Irish Banger to Irish-style Foleys Smoked Salmon, the menus at Raglan Road rely heavily on traditional Irish foods. Be brave — try something out of your comfort zone! Part of the adventure of dining here is leaning into the Irish culture.
  • You love BRUNCH! — One of the big benefits of dining at Raglan Road for brunch is that you get the best of both worlds; this restaurant offers both brunch items and lunch items, so you have plenty of options. Whether you’re looking for a classic brunch item or want to try an Irish dish, they’ve got it all!

Skip Ragland Road if…

  • You’re in a rush — Our service was a little slow during brunch, and our server was quite busy. If you’ve got plans later in the day and don’t have time for a longer meal, you might be better off at a quick-service location.
  • You’re looking for an intimate meal — Like we said, this is a loud restaurant — especially when the live musicians are playing. You might have a little trouble hearing your dining companions, so be prepared to enjoy the music!
  • You want a classic “Disney” meal — As you may have guessed by now, this isn’t a typical “Disney” restaurant (even though it’s located in Disney Springs). While families are welcome, we tend to see this as a restaurant geared toward adults. The menu has some out-of-the-box options that might not appeal to little ones, and the music might bother kids.


This time around, our service felt a little off. Due to a technical issue, our order was delayed, so it took about an hour to get our food. That said, accidents happen and we rarely run into issues like this — it was probably just an off-day! If you enjoy an upbeat, lively pub atmosphere and Irish-style food, you’ll probably love Raglan Road. On the other hand, if you prefer a soft, quiet atmosphere, head somewhere else.

Disney Springs has a TON of amazing dining options, and Raglan Road is made to serve those looking for a typical pub-style restaurant. If you are dining with a group of adults or are joining a large party, this is a great place to drink and dine with friends. But there are better brunch options out there. For example, Wine Bar George and Homecomin’ both offer seriously delicious brunch options that we think are well worth it.

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Have you ever dined at Raglan Road? Let us know in the comments!

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REVIEW: Does Raglan Road Brunch Stand Up Against the Other Disney Springs Options? We Find Out.