REVIEW: Is Le Cellier Still An EPCOT Staple? We Found Out!

Thanks to the fact that there’s almost always a food festival going on no matter what time of year it is, EPCOT has gotten a reputation of being a park where you skip out on a full meal to save room to snack your way around the booths in World Showcase. And, while we’re all for saving some precious stomach space for new Dole Whip flavors, Frushi, or whatever else is being cooked up by the spectacular Disney culinary team, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the hustle and sit down to enjoy a meal.

Canada Pavilion at EPCOT

While there are certainly some amazing Quick Service locations throughout the park (hello, Fish and Chips), we’ll be the first to tell you that the Table Service restaurants in EPCOT are SO worth a visit — even if it’s swallowing some park time. And, when it comes to favorites, there’s one spot that we just can’t get enough of — Le Cellier Steakhouse. Tucked into the depths of the Canada Pavilion, we’re heading back once again to see if the food is still worth the hype.

The first thing to know about Le Cellier is that it is one of Disney World’s signature dining locations, meaning that it is a bit pricey! So, you’ll want to be prepared to drop some major cash on your meal here (or two dining credits when the Disney Dining Plan returns). This restaurant has been around since EPCOT first opened in 1982 and now boasts some seriously good steak. Time and time again we crown this restaurant as being one of the best in Disney World, and just when we think we’ve tried it all (including a beef CANDLE), we journey back to confirm that Le Cellier is popular because it is simply just that good.


Now, if you don’t know where Le Cellier is, you might have a little trouble finding it. In order to reach the restaurant, you need to walk through the gardens of the Canada Pavilion where you’ll eventually stumble upon the cave that is Le Cellier. If you reach the exit or entrance to Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360, you’ve gone too far. Of course, there is some signage in the area, so be sure to keep an eye out for that to help you navigate.

Le Cellier in EPCOT

Once inside, you’ll feel like you stepped right into the depths of a wine cellar complete with stone walls. Le Cellier translates directly to “The Cellar” in French, so the theming is pretty much an exact match to the name!

Step into the cave

The dining area itself has a really distinct atmosphere — one that we really love! Dark molding, lowing ceilings, and dim lighting create an intimate and romantic atmosphere that makes it a great spot for a special meal out with your significant other (though it’s also super family-friendly). One thing to note, though, is that there is tons of lighting…it’s just not all that well lit, meaning that you might be reaching for your phone’s flashlight to read the menu.

It can be dark in here

That being said, the health and safety measures implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic have made it even easier to see the menu because there’s now a QR code available on the table for you to access the menu on your phone! Of course, you can still ask for a paper menu if you’d prefer.

Scan QR code for menu

Most of the tables in the dining room have standard chairs, though a few booths surround the restaurant. And, regardless of where you’re seated, you’ll find a place setting with a small plate, napkin, and silverware.

Table setting

But, what about the eats? Well, let’s dive into the menu!


At the top of the menu, you’ll find a huge selection of appetizers, which you DON’T want to skip over when you’re eating here. We’ve eaten our way through this list a time or two and have really enjoyed the Artisan Cheese and Charcuterie Plate along with the infamous Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup (pro tip: you can usually find this popular soup at the Canada booth during the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival if you want to give it a try without a reservation).


When it comes to entrees, the menu has expanded a bit since the last time we visited to include the Bison Strip Loin. And, there are four enhancements (or sides) that you can add to your meal if you’d like for an additional cost.


There is also a selection of Poutines, that are delicious and offer a traditional Canadian dining experience. This is another portion of the menu that has grown since the restaurant reopened in 2020.


Of course, there are also Canadian-inspired desserts like the Maple Creme Brûlée or the Maple Leaf Cheesecake…


…and if you’re dining with your kiddos, there’s a whole menu for them!


For those who are looking to pair a drink with their meal, there is also a selection of special 50th-anniversary beverages (including the color-changing EARidescent Sip-a-bration), cocktails, beer, and wine.

The menu

But, one of the highlights of the meal is one that you WON’T find on the menu — the complimentary bread service! And, that’s where our dinner started! When you first sit down, no matter when you’re dining, you’ll get three types of DELICIOUS bread served with Maple Salted Butter. And, while the bread and butter are certainly delicious, like anything at Disney World, there’s more than meets the eye (or stomach) — these breads actually represent some cool Canadian facts.

Did someone say bread?

First up is the Pretzel Bread, which represents Ontario, known for hosting the world’s second-largest Oktoberfest.

Pretzel Bread

Then there’s the Multigrain Bread, which is meant to be representative of the fact that three Canadian provinces produce HALF of all the grain in North America.

Multigrain roll

And lastly, the Sourdough Bread represents the Yukon part of Canada, which is near Alaska where they only get three hours of daylight in the winter. 😲 So when spring rolls around, the people here celebrate with a Sourdough Festival (BRB, adding that to our bucket list).

Of course, each one is tasty in its own right, but our absolute favorite has to be the pretzel bread. If you’re ordering up the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup be sure to save this roll for dipping because, just like peanut butter & jelly, the two were MADE for each other.

Sourdough roll

Speaking of which…we simply can’t resist the soup ourselves, so we ordered it up as our appetizer. And, folks, this one NEVER disappoints. It’s made with Moosehead Pale Ale and Nueske’s Applewood-smoked Bacon. This soup is LEGENDARY and for good reason — it’s CHHHHEEESSSY and made perfectly EVERY single time. 

This soup is EVERYTHING

It’s a nice thick soup that isn’t chunky, and you get a slightly smoky taste from the bacon that really makes it stand out. But, it can be pretty filling, so you might want to get a kid’s portion or split it with someone if you plan on ordering an entree. The soup is $13 for a full size and $3 for a kid-size bowl.

Look at those bacony bits.

When it comes to our entree, we chose to order the Le Cellier Filet Mignon — we’re at an up-scale steakhouse after all! This dish costs $59 and is an AAA Canadian Tenderloin served with Mushroom Risotto, Asparagus-Tomato Relish, and Truffle-Butter Sauce.

Who’s ready for some steak?

We ordered it Medium Rare and it was cooked BEAUTIFULLY with a nice char on the outside. Inside was LOADS of nice and juicy buttery filet flavor. And, it’s very obvious this is a great cut of meat — just look at it! The risotto was also delicious featuring a nice creamy texture and great flavor.

A beautiful piece of meat!

Now, this steak used to come with Mashed Potatoes, which we have to say — we miss. So, with the portion size a bit smaller than we’re used to, we opted to order the Loaded Boursin Mashed Potatoes as an Enhancement for $10. And, this certainly satisfied our potatoes craving. These mashed potatoes were nice and creamy with a great added crunch on top from the potato skins.

Gotta’ have some potatoes with all that meat

Plus, these mashed potatoes have LOADS of cheese, which y’all know scores BIG points with us!

That’s a bite of happiness…

To top off our meal, we ended with the Warm Pecan-Brown Butter Tart and WOW. We might have to come back again just for dessert after giving this one a try!

Could this be our new favorite dessert?

It’s served warm with Maple Ice Cream, Brown Sugar Anglaise, and Whisky Caramel. It’s hard to choose just one thing that we loved about this dessert — the Candied Pecans on this were SO tasty, the crust was SO buttery, and the maple flavor was SPOT on. This might actually be one of our new favorite desserts at any Disney World table service restaurant — yeah, WE WENT THERE.


Now, the tart is pretty crumbly and ours fell apart easily, but we were still able to pick up all the fragments into one perfectly delicious bite with our fork.

Nosh Or Not

Make your way to Le Cellier if…

  • You love steak. This is one of the BEST steakhouses in Disney World and you’ll almost always find the highest quality steak here.
  • You’re celebrating a special occasion. This is a great spot to book for an anniversary, birthday, or other major life celebration because the atmosphere is a bit more upscale and “special” compared to other Table Service restaurants in EPCOT.
  • You want to enjoy a relaxing meal and don’t mind sacrificing park time. Nothing is rushed here so if you just want to break away from the crowds, sit back, and enjoy the Disney atmosphere and great this is a great place to go.

Skip Le Cellier if…

  • You have children who don’t want to sit for a long time in your party. While there are quite a few kid-friendly options here, it’s a pricey restaurant to be ordering up grilled chicken and mac and cheese that you could get next door at a Quick Service restaurant for half the price.
  • You’re on a budget. Being labeled as a Signature dining location comes with a price tag and it ain’t cheap. Your meal will likely run about $50+ per person here.
  • You’re vegetarian or don’t like red meat. Le Cellier is known for its steak and, while there certainly are other options the signature dish (and many others) revolves around red meat.


There’s a reason we keep returning to Le Cellier over and over, and it’s also why it’s often hard to get a reservation here — it’s one of the BEST signature dining experiences there is at Disney World! Our meals here are consistently good, so you can rely on it to be a spot where you’re going to enjoy every last bit of food on your plate no matter when you stop by.

That being said, you’ll likely walk out of here feeling full and that could really impact the rest of your day if you were planning to hop on Test Track right after or if you want to dine at several food booths during one of the EPCOT festivals. Plus, you’ll also need to dedicate a bit of time to dining here, so if you’re someone who likes to pack their park day full of activities, this is going to suck up a few hours.

Of course, Le Cellier does a pretty good job at changing up the menu just enough to keep us coming back so, we’ll probably be visiting again soon! It’s expensive, yes, but it’s good to treat yourself every once in a while, right?

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Have you ever dined at Le Cellier? What’s your favorite dish there? Let us know in the comments!

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REVIEW: Is Le Cellier Still An EPCOT Staple? We Found Out!