REVIEW: The ONLY Disneyland Spot You Need To Know About If You LOVE 🍕 Pizza 🍕

When you’re visiting Disneyland, you can complete a mission for the resistance on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance or even put your superhero skills to the test in Avengers Campus. But, if you’re looking for a real throwback (and some tasty eats), then you might want to head over to Alien Pizza Planet in Tomorrowland!

Alien Pizza Planet

Pizza Planet may be a faint memory in Disney World (as it was replaced by PizzeRizzo in 2016), but it can still be found in Disneyland at the former location of Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port! The restaurant was rethemed “temporarily” back in 2018 for Pixar Fest and it just never went away. It is now home to quick “out-of-this-world” Italian fare including an appropriately themed dessert (more on that later) and we’re headed back to the Quick Service restaurant to see if it’s still a meal that you simply can’t refuse!


When you first arrive at (or even pass by) Alien Pizza Planet, you’ll instantly be thrown back into the 1995 Disney movie, Toy Story. Little Green Aliens are almost everywhere you look and you’ll recognize the red and white rocket out front from the actual restaurant in the movie.

Let’s head inside!

And, the theming only continues inside! In the dining room, you’ll find more Green Aliens hanging from the ceiling

Don’t forget to look up!

…and the walls are covered in travel posters advertising locations where the aliens might want to vacation to themselves like Otamot, the “sauciest spot in the marinara way.”


And Vertintinnabulus where you can “see the colorful seed springs!”

Would you want to travel here?

The idea is that these are all planets of the Marinara Way, and you can see where all of the planets are in the solar system on one poster. Be sure to pay attention to the details in this one because you might recognize that some of the planets look strikingly similar to common Italian eats and toppings!

Check out the posters!

And, as a popular spot to eat during the day in Disneyland, there’s plenty of seating to meet the needs! Inside, you’ll find a large dining room with standard tables and chairs

Indoor Dining Room

…plus, there are a few booths in an area of the dining room that is less Toy Story-themed.

Dining Room

And, if you’d prefer to soak in some fresh air, there’s also outdoor seating that has some shading and faces Space Mountain.

Outdoor Seating Area

When it comes to dining at this Quick Service location, you have a few different options. Alien Pizza Planet does accept Mobile Order through the Disneyland app, so you can select your pick-up window and have your meal ready for you at the Mobile Order return window. We will note, however, that in our experience mobile ordering can take a little while depending on when you visit, as the spot is pretty busy during the traditional lunch and dinner times.

Mobile Order!

You don’t necessarily need to Mobile Order though, as the restaurant does still serve food cafeteria-style. So, you can also opt to walk up and grab your food…

Pick your food!

…and then head to a register where a Cast Member will ring up your order and process payment.

Walk-up is still an option

Fountain drinks are then available at a self-serve station.

You can even get refills here!

While Alien Pizza Planet is considered a relatively cheap Quick Service spot to dine already (for Disney standards, at least), Magic Key holders can dine for even less as they are eligible for a discount. Dream Key Passholders receive a 15% discount, and Believe, Enchant, and Imagine Key Passholders receive a 10% discount. To save you’ll need to either have your Magic Key connected to your Disneyland account when you place your mobile order or present proof of your Magic Key holder status at the counter.

Now, let’s take a look at what’s up for grabs!


The menu here is pretty straightforward, with the same offerings available for both lunch and dinner. If you’re looking for pasta, your only option will be the Count Down Chicken Fusilli


…and pizza lovers will find the classics (like pepperoni and cheese) plus there’s one specialty pizza option — the Spicy Char Siu Pork Pizza. All of the pizza is served by the slice.


To make it a full meal, there are three different salads (though the Astro Antipasto Salad and Centurion Caesar Salad are a bit bigger portion-wise) plus Garlon Bread (which is like garlic bread).


If you’ve got kiddos, they can choose from the Space-getti with Meatballs or the Kid-Size Cheese Pizza. Each is served with Carrots, a Cuties Mandarin, and choice of Small Lowfat Milk or Small Dasani Water.


And, the sole dessert option here is The Macarooooon.


The drink offerings here are pretty standard (despite their super fun name — “Lunar Liquids”) with things like fountain drinks, water, milk, coffee, and tea available. And, if you’d like something that you can take along with you, there’s a Travel Mug, Souvenir Sipper, and even a Reusable Cutlery Set available for purchase.


Plus, you can often find some seasonal offerings here! Right now, it’s the Alien-shaped Premium Sipper for $17.59.


And, if you have any allergy concerns, the allergy-friendly menu is available online. If an item is listed under your allergen then it is safe to eat!


Now, we’ve stopped by here from time to time to try specialty seasonal offerings, but it was about time we headed back for a full meal! So, we’re starting off how every satisfying meal should — with BREAD! The Garlon Bread comes with two breadsticks that are served warm with zesty Dipping Sauce for $4.99.

Garlon Bread

Now, we’re certainly not writing home about these breadsticks, but if ya eat ’em while they’re warm they’re a good compliment to your pasta, pizza, or salad. We would have loved to have some more marinara sauce to work with (the cup was about half full), but they get the job done.

You might want some extra sauce if you’re big into dipping

We also ordered up the Astro Antipasto Salad which is crisp Lettuce with Pepperoni, Tomatoes, Mixed Olives, Pepperoncini, fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Red Pepper, Artichoke Hearts, and Roasted Onion, with Balsamic Vinaigrette and Shaved Parmesan Cheese. Now, this is listed on the menu under “Sides,” but the serving is much more substantial than that for $10.49. The size of the salad is pretty comparable to the size of a pizza, so you could easily make this your entire meal if you’re looking for something a bit lighter and on the veggie side of things.

And, it would be a pretty satisfying meal in our opinion! We thought that the produce tasted fresh and the pepperoni added a nice kick to every bite. We really appreciated the generous portion of cheese on top too. The only thing to note on this salad is that it comes with a balsamic vinaigrette (which compliments the ingredients well), so you’ll want to be sure you’re a fan of the dressing before you commit.

Astro Antipasto Salad

And, now for the real star of the menu — PIZZA! 🍕 We’re starting off with the more adventurous choice here, the Spicy Char Siu Pork Pizza! This one is a pizza slice topped with Char Siu Pork, Pineapple, roasted Red Onions, Fresno Chiles, Mozzarella with Spiced Pizza Sauce. It’s also the most expensive pizza slice on the menu coming in at $8.99, but if you want something that’s not your standard everyday pizza, the little up-charge may be worth it!

We’d compare this pizza most similar to a Hawaiian Pizza (and a really GOOD one at that), as the pork and the pineapples are the big flavor highlights. The pork is seasoned and cooked well, the pineapple adds a sweet taste, and the red onions add just a little bit of flavor. That being said, the slice certainly doesn’t live up to its “spicy” name, as we really only got one bite that seemed to have the Fresno Chiles.

Spicy Char Siu Pork Pizza

We also ordered a slice of the Mega Pepperoni Pizza, which has a Celestial Tomato Sauce topped with Mozzarella Cheese and extra large slices of Pepperoni for $8.49. Now, before you order up this pizza thinking that it’s an extra-large slice because of its “Mega” name, it’s important to note that it’s actually the pepperoni that is “mega,” and that might even be giving it too much credit.

But, while you won’t get a ton of pepperoni slices on top (we only had two on ours), it’s still a staple for us whenever we’re looking for a Quick Service meal that we know we won’t be disappointed in. Why? Well, it’s just a good slice of pizza! But it could have used some more greasy pepperoni for sure.

Mega Pepperoni Pizza Slice

And, we couldn’t leave Alien Pizza Planet without getting the Toy Story-themed dessert that we mentioned earlier — The Macarooooon! You might recognize this green alien macaron from the Disneyland Pixar Fest and we’ve also tried a special Santa version of the treat for the holidays, but this iconic (and delicious) treat is on the menu here year round for $5.99.

The Macarooooon

Inside, you’ll find a fruity blackberry and lemon curd filling that we LOVE.


You might want to be careful eating (or sharing) this one though — it falls apart REALLY easily (we’ve completely shattered ours by dropping it on the ground in the past). So, you’ll want to protect the goods and be careful when you transport it to your table.

Nosh or Not

Head to Alien Pizza Planet for a meal if:

  • You’ve got picky eaters in your party! Pizza tends to be a big crowd-pleaser even for the pickiest eater, and the pizza here is GOOD!
  • You want to eat in a fun Disney-themed atmosphere! Disney has put in the effort to make it feel like you’ve walked into Pizza Planet in Toy Story and we love the creativity that went into naming all of the goodies on the menu.
  • You want a quick meal that will fill ya up for a relatively cheap price! You can get a full meal here for about $15 or less per person and dining here won’t suck up hours of your park day like a Table Service restaurant might.

Steer clear of Alien Pizza Planet if:

  • You’re looking for more than just basic theme park food! While you certainly can’t go wrong with pasta, pizza, and salad, there are plenty of other spots in Disneyland serving up fare that you won’t be able to order from a local restaurant at home.
  • You want to avoid crowds! Alien Pizza Planet is a popular spot for guests to eat at for both lunch and dinner, so you might struggle to get your food quickly or find a seat during the big mealtimes of the day.
  • You want more than pizza! With one pasta dish, three pizzas, three salads, and one dessert to choose from, there’s not much of a variety on the menu here and the standout is really the pizza.


All in all, you can’t go wrong when you choose to eat at Alien Pizza Planet for lunch or dinner in Disneyland — you likely won’t regret ordering anything here since it’s quite basic and it won’t break the bank! You’ll be fully immersed in the “Disney” atmosphere from the second you walk in and your picky eaters certainly won’t be complaining (unless they don’t like pizza, that is).

If you’re looking for a healthy option, they’ve got a decent variety of salads, and they really set the standard for Disney pizza. Plus, we might even suggest heading here ONLY to get the adorable macaron for dessert (especially if you want something to pretty up your Insta feed).

That being said, Alien Pizza Planet really is a spot for…well…pizza! If you’re looking for something more unique to Disneyland that is still quick, we’d suggest heading to Ronto Roasters or Harbour Galley. Of course, we’ve got full reviews of all the eats at those spots too, so be sure to check those out and stick around for more Disney food news and updates!

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REVIEW: The ONLY Disneyland Spot You Need To Know About If You LOVE 🍕 Pizza 🍕