#RHOA Newbie Drew Sidora & Her Hubby In Marriage Counseling After He ‘Left For Three Days’

A real housewife apparently had some real drama going on in her personal life.

Drew Sidora who will make her debut during #RHOA season 13, recently spoke on her marriage that’s apparently getting some much-needed TLC. According to Drew, she and her hubby Ralph Pittman, are pushing through their marital issues by “actively going to counseling.”
She also confessed that they had a brief separation earlier this year and at one point Ralph up and left for three whole days. 

“It was unexpected. My husband, before filming, he left for three days and I truly didn’t know where he was,” she exclusively told Us Weekly while promoting season 13 of RHOA. “My mom had a front seat to all of it. So, I’m involving her in that way.”

The Step Up actress explained that her marriage ups and downs will play out during the new season of the show, including their “breaking points” in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I had just gone through three surgeries. It was really hard for me,” she said to Us Weekly. “Having multiple surgeries, him being my caregiver, my mom living with us … It was a lot. And that’s what happened.”

Ralph checking out of his marriage was teased in the #RHOA season 13 trailer. Cynthia Bailey was especially shocked to hear that Drew’s husband went AWOL.

Drew who’s a mom of three also noted that the counseling they’re doing “really put our marriage in perspective” and changed how she wants to be seen in her family’s eyes.

“I find myself having, just to put on a strong face for [my kids],” she said. “To act like this is normal and really deep down inside, I was going through it emotionally.”

It’ll be interesting to meet Drew and see her family life on #RHOA.



Not only will you meet Drew Sidora on #RHOA however, but you’ll also be introduced to TWO new friends of the show; LaToya Ali and Falynn Guobadia.

Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres on Bravo on Sunday, December 6, at 8 p.m. ET.—-will YOU be watching???


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#RHOA Newbie Drew Sidora & Her Hubby In Marriage Counseling After He ‘Left For Three Days’