Rise and Shine with Reiki

Over the years, I have written about Reiki’s important role as a daily life companion and the benefits of keeping Reiki with us throughout each day. What I have also learned is that awakening and beginning my day with Reiki is especially helpful. Inviting its love and support as I welcome the day sets a positive energetic tone, regardless of what the day may bring.

Many of you may already have a favorite morning Reiki routine. This article describes how Reiki helps me to greet each new day with love and gratitude. I hope it inspires you to rise and shine with Reiki – at your side and in your heart.

Waking up with Reiki

As I awaken each morning, and before reaching full consciousness, I immediately begin the flow of Reiki and allow myself a few moments or minutes of self-healing. There is no set routine with this; I simply place my hands where Reiki guides them, usually over my heart space or solar plexus. As I drowse in this state of not-quite-conscious, guidance and information often appear. Sometimes I receive an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, or inspiration about an ongoing project. At other times, I am dimly aware of whispered messages of love and encouragement, especially during stressful periods. Although my conscious mind may not absorb the words, their energy and intent remain, offering optimism and hope.

Upon awakening more fully, while continuing to channel Reiki, I ask it to release any lingering unhealthy or incompatible energies for a fresh, clean start to the day. This simple request is very beneficial and highly recommended. (I also perform this at bedtime before falling asleep.)

Greeting the day with Reiki always includes the Precepts. Indeed, it would be incomplete otherwise! Reiki practitioners, we are very familiar with the precepts and can likely recite them in our sleep which I have done on more than one occasion). However, they are the foundation of the way of Reiki and are powerful when spoken as affirmations; as I lay quietly, and silently say the words, I open myself to their energy and power. The words themselves are simple, but their influence touches and informs every aspect of the day.

Gratitude is an integral part of my life, so of course, I include it in my Reiki morning. As Reiki flows through my being, I express gratitude – for the new day, the possibilities it represents, and for the gift of life. I also offer deep gratitude for the gift of Reiki and the myriad blessings it continues to bring every day.

Finally, I offer a morning blessing to All of Creation. Its words came to me during meditation many years ago; its inclusivity and optimism continue to inspire me.

Blessings upon All of Creation
Above and Below
Within and With Out
All is One, and One is All.
May we each experience Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Health, Happiness, and Gratitude
All the Days of Our Lives.
And may we each practice Compassion, Understanding, Forgiveness, and Love
For Each Other – And for Ourselves.
As I Say It, So It Is.


The above is a detailed description of my personal “Rise and Shine with Reiki” morning. The suggestions are by no means comprehensive or offered as the only ways to begin your day with Reiki. Indeed, Reiki will likely guide you to the ways that are best for you. When it does, allow its loving support to carry you through each day, regardless of what the day may hold in store.

As always, I wish the brightest blessings to you all.

Article by Kathleen Johnson

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Kathleen Johnson
Kathleen Johnson

Kathleen Johnson is a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master, a Kundalini Reiki Master, and a Certified Crystal Healer. As a Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, she assists others in discovering their unique path to wellness, wholeness, and authenticity. Kathleen is also a Certified Past-Life Soul Regression Therapist, and infuses Reiki into her work with clients’ past lives.
She is the Founder of UniverSoul Heart, LLC, a holistic healing and wellness practice based in Pennsylvania, USA. Kathleen enjoys teaching all levels of Reiki classes, from Level I through Master/Teacher, and is honored to assist others on the Reiki path. She also offers “Crystal Basics” and “Finding Your Life Mission” workshops for those wishing to deepen and enrich their self-knowledge at the soul level.
Kathleen was a co-host and presenter at the Reiki Rays Spring 2018 Summit, and also presented at the Winter 2018 and Spring 2019 Summits. She is passionate about raising awareness of the benefits of Reiki and holistic wellness and enjoys speaking to public and private groups.
As part of her commitment to raising awareness, Kathleen has been a featured guest in many radio interviews and is the host of "UniverSoul Heart Radio with Kathleen Johnson- Sensible Spirituality for Everyday Living", broadcast on Transformation Talk Radio.
Kathleen was selected as Top Reiki Master of the Year for 2019 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership, commitment, and dedication.
Writing is a passion for Kathleen, and her many articles about Reiki and Spirituality are published on Reiki Rays and in Reiki News Magazine. She is currently gathering information for a book and knows that Reiki will be with her every step of the way.
Kathleen’s website is www.universoulheart.net, and her email is kjohnson@universoulheart.net

You can find her on Facebook at UniverSoulHeartReiki, on Instagram @universoulheartreiki and on Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/universoulheart/

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Rise and Shine with Reiki