Rise Like A Phoenix: The Big Secret Of Burning Your Deadwood

What Is Deadwood?

Deadwood is all the bloat you’ve accumulated in life.

Your mind is like any other garden.

If you’ve never cleaned it out, it will be overgrown with all sorts of nasty things.

The good news is, you only have to do a major overhaul once.

(Take out the trash).

From there, all you have to do is trim the weeds.

Here’s how to do it.

How Do You Start Burning Your Deadwood?

Burning deadwood = throwing away your belief safety net.

It starts with accepting reality/truth no matter how dark, bleak, or crushing it might be.

When you first wake up to your deadwood, it will look like you’ve been walking around in a soiled diaper for years.

(Which is pretty much exactly what you’ve been doing).

In a world where most are “walking around in soiled diapers”, you have an extreme edge when you’re one of the few who aren’t.

When you meet someone who has burned their deadwood, you feel it instantly because of how pure and rare it is.

Where to start?

Forget everything “they” ever said you were.

Start living out of instinct.

Destroy the pre-designed mold society said you were supposed to be and reclaim the authentic you from childhood.

This can be scary for many because there’s no way to tell how far the burning goes.

Many are scared to be naked and directionless even if their clothes are counterfeit.

They’re addicted to leaning on comforting ideas because they want to sustain what comes with them.

  • Habits
  • Groups
  • Experiences, etc.

This leaning can be hard to break, but you aren’t fully free until you do it.

Standing In The Abyss

Going another way tears apart a large segment of brain pathways.

When you first throw away your safety net, you will be adrift in the abyss.

You will stagger and stumble, but with time, you will construct a new mind of steel.

A mind built out of your own iron principles.

Why principles?

Principles = value structure.

Principles keep you centered. Without them, you’re exposed to the chaotic stream of infinite noise and possibility.

Your internal perspective is your anchor in a storm of conflicting, contrasting, and complementary external perspectives.

It lights the way along the dark and confusing pathways of reality.

It’s your own set of anti-virus software that drives out malicious code as it attempts to infect your system.

This is the foundation of your mind.

Out Of The Chaos, You Create New Anchors

What is an anchor?

An anchor is a frame of reference.

These “reference points” are what we use to make decisions.

The reason why people have trouble taking new action or getting results is because it’s incongruent with their existing anchors.

When you control anchors, you control experience and perception.

Designing reality = creating your own physical, spiritual, financial, mental, and emotional anchors.

  1. Physical anchor: workout routine + diet
  2. Spiritual anchor: infinite plane of mysticism
  3. Frame anchor: your mission
  4. Financial anchor: skills + network
  5. Mental anchor: internal locus of control
  6. Emotional anchor: what you can control

As you can see, rituals, habits, groups, and beliefs anchor you.

(With beliefs being the deepest anchors).

Every belief is an anchor that has many other habits, “friendships”, and choices revolving around it.

Anchors attract 2nd and 3rd+ order consequences.

Your framework of beliefs is made of many anchors. To explain inconsistencies, you may have to re-evaluate deeper anchors that seemed firmer.

You can use weak anchors to rebuild your story, add new anchors to imply things, or discard anchors entirely.

You destroy anchors by replacing them.

Changing a few heavyweight anchors forces the others to re-arrange themselves.

Growth = shedding layers.

When you make new connections, you add anchors to your beliefs.

Old anchors are pacifiers. And letting go of them reveals a hidden menu of options.

What you refuse to let go/burn to the ground will be the thing that kills you later on.

When an anchor goes, so does large aspects of your reality.

If your anchor beliefs are flawed, so is your life.

If your anchors are strong, they create positive self-esteem.

How to create new anchors?

Give Yourself A Task List That Creates The Reference Points You Need.

Experiences create anchors.

This is your gauntlet.

This is your quest.

Think about the man you need to be and what he went through to get there.

Now go do it.


You don’t really become a man until you burn your deadwood.

(Integrate your shadow via trial by fire).

Most… never do this.

Most… are also 95% deadwood.

Yes it hurts.

Yes other things fall away with it.

But the alternative?

100000000x worse.

Think of how the mystical phoenix regenerates itself by bursting into flames.

Without fire, it can’t rise anew from the ashes.

To step into the new, you must first destroy the old.

Need help burning your deadwood?

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Rise Like A Phoenix: The Big Secret Of Burning Your Deadwood