electricmonk - Nothing Wrong with the Planet [Psychill Music Video]

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"This track was built around a Modular Synthesizer jam recorded live one Friday afternoon in December 2019. I entered the studio after lunch with a glass of red wine, and came out after dark to find my family wondering where I'd been. The foundation of the track, consisting of the bass and the 7/8s loop, were laid down that evening. During the following weekend I added the arpeggiator loops, noise sweeps, samples, pads, and Bulbul Tarang, and as soon as I was done, I knew that I had the album's final track in hand.

This track features samples dealing with climate change, one from the 1950's, George Carlin’s sarcastic views from his stand-up comedy, and finally a 1992 speech by Severn Cullis-Suzuki at the Rio Summit.

Chopping the three monologues and moving them around, I built a story to accompany the rhythmic buildup, and finished with what is maybe the most iconic moment of Carlin's skit, halting the rhythm in its place, leaving only the final claxon-like sound, perhaps resonating what's going to be left around after mankind is gone".

Animation by Rafael Ortega
Written & produced by Shai Yallin at Hilltop Studios
Cello on (3) and (7) by Alexandra Marcu
Artwork by Costin Chioreanu
Mastered by Josh Benzin

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Released August 14 2020
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electricmonk - Nothing Wrong with the Planet [Psychill Music Video]