RPG Maker Game Magical Girl ZERO Released on DLsite

A young girl on a mission falls in love and becomes a woman in Vitamin CCC’s Magical Girl ZERO, now available on DLsite.

Developed by Vitamin CCC, Magical Girl ZERO is a prequel to Magic Magical Action Girl, but you don’t need to play the original in order to enjoy the game. You play as Ruby, a magical girl sent by the kingdom to investigate a string of missing person incidents. Many young women have been disappearing in the Ocean Region and Ruby intends to get to the bottom of it. After arriving at Limuru, a village located at the entrance of the Ocean Region, and receiving the permission of the mayor, Ruby interrogates the villagers about the disappearances. She catches a lead that takes her to the Ogre Village, where she ends up humiliated and her virginity taken.

Ruby is an naive girl when it comes to love and sex. She doesn’t understand how bad the world can be or the dangers of being a woman, since her main focus is on serving her queen and country by completing the missions assigned to her. Even if she is sexually humiliated, she will sacrifice herself for the sake of the mission. While investigating the missing girls, Ruby falls in love. Will she prioritize her new found love or completing her mission for the kingdom?

Battles in Magical Girl ZERO are turn-based, with the enemies being visible on the map outside of battle. This gives you the option to fight or avoid them. When first engaging foes in battle, you're able to get the upper hand and attack first if you flank them from the sides or behind. However, the same applies to you as well, if an enemy catches you off guard.

The game grades your performance on your enemies difficulty level and your total defeat count. If and when you are defeated, you can retry the fight, but each loss reduces your overall score. Defeat during a boss battle will result in a retry and the replenishment of your items, health, and magic. Unfortunately, the boss’ difficulty will also be reduced after each loss, again affecting your overall score.

You can buy Magical Girl ZERO on sale for ¥1.144 [approximately $9.99 USD], from DLsite. After December 11th, the sale will end and the game’s price will return to ¥1,430 [approximately $12.49 USD]. A demo is also available, so you can experience the game for yourself before taking the plunge. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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RPG Maker Game Magical Girl ZERO Released on DLsite