High School is Hard for Everyone

First Look Review of Wonder Twins #1

It Gets Weirder by Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne. Published by DC Comics, 2019.

This was a fun book that brought back many memories of watching Saturday morning cartoons. Zan and Jayna are aliens from the planet Exxor but they’re not just any aliens, they’ve got super powers.

Sure, we don’t get to see much of those abilities in this issue but Jayna does turn into a pigeon and Zan does lay down as a nice ice rink for his high school team.

More to the point though, they’re superheroes and members of the Justice League sponsored by Superman. Apparently he owed some debt to their father and it’s a good thing too because while the rest of the Justice League is busy getting their butts kicked by Mr. Mxyzptlk, the Twins figure out how to beat him without much of a fight.

The story isn’t about the fighting though and is more about how the teenagers fit in to their new high school and the difficulties they encounter due to their differences.

As far as that goes, I rate this is a solid B since the issue shows a humanity and a touching side to many members of the League. There’s also plenty of humor and camaraderie to go around. You just gotta read about how Batman got his Bee Gee nickname.

The art is well done and while I tend to like a bit more fighting in my superhero comics, I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I’ll pick up issue 2 to see where this is headed but I certainly hope they bring Gleek into the comic as well.

This comic can be found on Comixology or at your local comic book shop.

Comic Corner | First Look Review of Wonder Twins #1

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High School is Hard for Everyone