Rugby Watcher Kicked off Rescue to Help Man Washed off Local Pier

Pier Student Bakoven Pink Buoy

A patron of the Guido’s Restaurant in Port Alfred saw a man get washed off the West Pier during Saturday’s rugby and alerted the manager – they were able to save him!


Port Alfred, South Africa (15 August 2022) – Many South Africans had their eyes glued to their screens this weekend as South Africa took on the All Blacks. One man, watching at his local Guido’s Restaurant, saw a man in distress on the local pier and alerted the restaurant manager. The manager, Irvin Arendse, called the NSRI for help and then ran towards the pier with the famous Pink Bouy to help the man.

Keryn van der Walt, the NSRI Port Alfred duty coxswain, shared the story to commend the efforts of all involved, and to hopefully help with identifying the young man that was rescued from the pier. Thankfully, after his harrowing experience, the young man is recovering in hospital.

“At 15h50, Saturday, 13 August, NSRI Port Alfred duty crew were activated following reports a patron at Guido’s restaurant, West Beach, Port Alfred, of a man swept off of the West Pier, by a wave, into the Kowie River near to the Kowie River Mouth.

While watching rugby, at Guido’s restaurant, an eye-witness had seen the man on West Pier and he had commented to his friends that the man appeared to be acting strangely. The man was was wearing a wet suit, appearing to be fishing using a rope, and he was on a section of West Pier that was being washed over by waves in the incoming high tide.

Waves were already washing over the Pier and the eye-witness watched as a wave swept over the man and washed him off West Pier into the river.

The eye-witness alerted the manager of the restaurant. The patron called NSRI to raise the alarm while the restaurant manager ran to where an NSRI pink rescue buoy is stationed nearby on West Beach. The manager ran onto West Pier and he was able to throw the pink rescue buoy to the casualty who was able to grab a hold of the pink rescue buoy while he was being battered by waves in the surf line.

Our NSRI duty crew responded to our NSRI Port Alfred rescue station to launch sea rescue craft.”

All emergency services were alerted and to be on standby for the rescue effort.

“An off duty NSRI trainee rescue swimmer, who was nearby at the time, saw the commotion and he ran along West Pier, stripped down to his under clothes and he jumped into the river to go to the assistance of the man.
But when he reached the man, about 50 meters into the river from West Pier, he found only the NSRI pink rescue buoy afloat with no sign of the man who had by now slipped under water.

The NSRI trainee rescue swimmer pulled on the rope and leash, that is attached to the pink rescue buoy, and to his surprise he could feel resistance so he continued to pull on the rope and leash when the leg of the man appeared from under water and it was obvious that the rope had somehow remarkably tangled itself around the man’s leg.

He was able to get the man’s head above water but the man was not breathing.

At that stage our NSRI rescue craft, Rescue 11 Alpha, had arrived on the scene and we pulled them onto our rescue craft. We initiated medical treatment and brought the man to our NSRI rescue station.

The man had started spontaneous breathing and he was expelling water from his lungs.”

Thankfully, the NSRI team stabilised him enough to hand him over to the local paramedics. The young man was in critical condition and taken to the local hospital, where he is now recovering. He is believed to be in his early 20s.

Anyone with information pertaining to the identity of the man can call Port Alfred Police on
046 624 1583 or Port Alfred Hospital 046 604 4000 or NSRI EOC (Emergency Operations Centre) 0870949774.

“NSRI commend the swift reaction of all involved in the successful rescue, in particular the manager of Guido’s restaurant, Irvin Arendse, for his assistance with the NSRI pink rescue buoy that contributed to saving the man’s life.

This is the third life saved by that same NSRI pink rescue buoy stationed on-duty at West Beach and the 122nd recorded life saved by the contribution of an NSRI pink rescue buoy.”

Sources: NSRI – Supplied
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Rugby Watcher Kicked off Rescue to Help Man Washed off Local Pier