My Honest Review of Project 24 by Income School

Updated May 14, 2020

If your goal is to make good money online, as passively as possible (i.e. a full-time income working part-time hours), Project 24 is definitely worth a look.

Project 24 review from Income School

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Project 24 is my favorite all-in-one, start-to-finish premium resource aligned with the minimalist online business model.

I am a paying Project 24 member. I’ve consumed many of the courses inside the members-only library, including all 60 steps in its flagship 60 Steps to Blogging Success course. I am not personally following all 60 steps as my blog is already established. I am cherry picking the information useful to me.

Update: Due to the coronavirus, they’ve temporarily lowered the price.

Are you a course junkie? Do you have a backlog of courses? (I see you, LOL! I’m a course junkie too. ::fistbump:: )

Here’s my straight up advice: don’t buy more courses until you’ve finished the ones you’ve got. Project 24 is always open. You can come back to it anytime. Also, read my post 8 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Online Course.

What is Project 24?

Project 24 is a membership. You’ll get access to a library of courses, a member community plus other tools and resources.

What will it help me with?

It will teach you how to start a niche blog or YouTube channel from scratch. As the name suggests, the goal is to be making a full-time income within 24 months.

Who is Project 24 best for?

Beginners. If you are new to blogging or YouTube, the step-by-step approach is great. The advice is sound. The strategy is good.

Some non-beginners. If you’ve been blogging a while, the 60 Steps and the Timeline might not be relevant unless you want a fresh start, or are starting another blog from scratch. There is a lot more great information inside Project 24 (I’ve certainly appreciated it), but watch their YouTube videos first to see if their approach suits you. Also read the FAQs.

Bloggers who want to start a YouTube channel or vice versa. A blog is great. A YouTube channel is great. Together, they can be really great.

Very specific niches. Project 24 won’t work as well for those who choose broad niches. But, picking a broad niche these days isn’t a good idea anyway.

Those who want to outsource. Project 24’s focus is on passive income as much as possible. There’s a big emphasis on hiring writers to create your content. If that’s not your thing, you’ll still benefit, but consider other factors below before you buy.

You have a high-dollar product(s) to promote. This could be your own product (like an informational course) or someone else’s product (like an affiliate product that costs $100+). If your plan is to promote affiliate products with a lower price point or make money through display ads, you might not hit the Timeline milestones as quickly since you’ll need more traffic volume. 

You aren’t a slow writer or a slave to perfectionism. As I mentioned above, the expectation is you’ll publish a post a day in under 90 minutes. Taking longer doesn’t mean Project 24 won’t work for you, it just means it might take you a bit longer to work through.

You have the money and time to devote to another premium product. Ask yourself these questions before joining.

Who’s behind Project 24?

Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler from Income School.

Do they have credentials?

Yes. They’ve started many niche websites since 2013. (See the full list with numbers.) They make over 7 figures a year.

The fact that they’ve started multiple sites in different niches sets them apart from creators of similar products who have only done it once or twice.

In fact, they recently announced they are selling all of their sites to start again from scratch. Jim explains why in the video below. Impressive.

When is Project 24 open?

All the time.

How much is it?

It’s a membership model. They charge an annual lump sump up front, then a lesser annual charge every year after that. The current price is listed here.

You can cancel anytime but be aware they do not give full or partial refunds.

Is it worth it?

Yes. If you put in the work.

How long before I make money?

This is unique about Project 24. They tell you how much money you should be making (and how much traffic you should be getting) each month. They call it the Project 24 Timeline. 

I haven’t seen any other course map out traffic and income potential in this way.

Here’s a screenshot of the timeline for Months 5 & 6. I blurred out the specifics of course, but you can see how it gives you a helpful snapshot to make sure you’re on track.

At a glance, you can see tasks you should be focusing on (Action to take) and what you’ve done in previous months. You’ll also get very specific numbers for traffic, income (this month) and what you should have made so far.

Project 24 Timeline months 5 and 6

How did they come up with the Timeline figures?

Jim & Ricky have started and grown many niche websites over the years, from photography to pets to dirt biking. They’ve taught many students to do the same. They keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

Based on their data and experience, they expect their students to be making about $1000/month after 12 months and a full-time income by 24 months.

This isn’t based on one or two sites, on what they think will work or on what the general guru consensus is. It’s based on data. I like that.

Is the Timeline a guarantee?

No. There are many factors involved; they couldn’t possibly account for them all. But, if you follow their advice, I think their estimates are reasonable and certainly doable.

What if I don’t stay on track with the Timeline?

First, did you follow the 60 Steps to Blogging Success course? The Timeline flows out of the 60 steps so be sure to follow them.

If you still find yourself off track, seek help in the Project 24 community forum. Ricky and Jim are active in the community as well, although the FAQ is clear about what to expect from them:

“We care very much about our students. We aren’t one of those online courses where you get ditched the instant they get your money. Jim and Ricky have been known to go way beyond the call of duty to help individuals, but you shouldn’t expect a private mentorship in the course.”

They do offer private coaching as well, but for additional cost.

What’s the time investment?

Set aside 1-2 hours a day. The meat of Project 24, 60 Steps to Blogging Success, gives you one specific task to complete each day. It emphasizes publishing a post a day, especially at the beginning. They show you how they publish a post, start to finish, in 60-90 minutes.

If your goal is to make a full-time income, plan to be in this for at least 2 years, although the bulk of the actual work will take place toward the beginning.

I really like their approach of publishing a lot of content upfront, then letting SEO work for you. In this way, you won’t necessarily spend 1-2 hours every day for 2 years, but you will at the beginning.

What’s included in Project 24?

The main attraction is an extensive library of courses. The two flagship courses are 60 Steps to Blogging Success and 60 Steps to Success on YouTube. In addition, there are many smaller courses targeting specific topics.

Project 24 course library dashboard

The courses I’ve enjoyed the most:

  • 60 Steps to Blogging Success
  • 60 Steps to Success on YouTube
  • E-A-T for SEO
  • Monetize with Info Products
  • Picking Profitable Niches

But the library of courses is not all you get in Project 24. Here’s more:

  • A podcast for Project 24 members only
  • An active online community (forum)
  • Challenges
  • Weekly digest and summary via email
  • Download section (called Files), including the Project 24 Timeline
Project 24 downloadable files

Pros of Project 24

A focus on niche sites. These days it’s incredibly difficult to get traction with a general blog in a broad niche (recipes, cars, photography, fashion, parenting, etc.) because of all the competition. Niched down sites done right are the way to go.

Get up and running fast. Many people take weeks or months to launch their blog while they work out their why, define their audience, tweak their design, etc. Project 24 encourages you to pick a niche and go. Get your content published quickly so SEO can start working for you sooner. I totally agree.

Passive income focus. Any online business or blog requires time and energy, at least upfront. However, there are definitely income streams that are more passive, leaving room for the more valuable resource of TIME.

Solid content. It’s not as slick and fancy as similar products I’ve purchased, but the content is super solid.

Community involvement. There’s a lot of encouragement and support in the community. I like the milestone submission feature which gets people celebrating each others’ accomplishments and wins.

Community transparency. Some of the best posts in the community are from members who share exactly how much they’ve made, on what timeline. Screenshots are often attached. Very inspirational.

Always open. No need to wait for it to open once or twice a year. Jump in today if you want.

Very step by step. For people who want really clear steps (as in, “Day 1, do this. Day 2, do this…”) it’s great.

Clear and realistic expectations. I’m a fan of the Project 24 Timeline and the clarity it provides.

Updated frequently. They post a log of updates so you know exactly what they changed when.

Lots of variety. Lots of niches, lots of examples, lots of experience, lots of people represented.

Created by a lawyer and an MBA. Jim went to law school and Ricky his MBA. While these degrees don’t necessarily mean anything significant for the content, I appreciate the extra layer of expertise it provides.

Cons of Project 24

No refunds. They don’t give full or partial refunds.

Not a lifetime membership. You’ll have to renew every year, although at a much lower price ($199 vs. $449 for the first year).

Basic format. I’m listing this as a con, but if you’re like me, it’s a pro. The content is taught mostly via talking-head videos. The interface is very plain and there aren’t a lot of extras in the way of printable transcripts or bonus worksheets. You do get other extras, though, like a members-only podcast, community, etc.

Easily outdated content. This is a con I mention every time I do a review on products about online business, so I’ll say it here too. Because things online change so quickly, content gets outdated quickly. The nice thing about Project 24, though, is they keep a log of the changes and updates they make. That’s handy.

Get a taste

Want to see a sample lesson? Go here.

Also, this is a webinar Jim and Ricky did in 2019 that will give you a good overview of their process plus a lot of good tidbits.


As I said at the start, Project 24 is the best all-in-one course I’ve found for those who want to make money online without getting bogged down in building an online empire.

I want to say again, they do not offer any refunds, so make sure it’s for you before you buy.

If you decide to go for it, you can get immediate access. Go to the Project 24 website here.

Once you’re in, navigate through Project 24 via the menu at the top of the page like so:

Project 24 main portal menu

Start with the Welcome page. After that, you’ll probably spend most of your time in Community, Project 24 Timeline and Courses.

In the courses, start with 60 Steps to Blogging Success or 60 Steps to Success on YouTube. Another helpful one is Reviewing Your Sites. About a dozen case studies and examples from various niches.

I hope this helps!

Read more about Project 24 here.

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