Toys for 11 Year Old Girls

You sweet girl is now reaching the age where toys are a little harder to buy. This list contains the BEST Toys for 11 Year Old Girls. I have talked to many different mom’s, 11 year old girls, and of course added some of my favorite toys to give. These toys are tried and true favorites of many.

The BEST toys for 11 year old girls.

The BEST Toys for 11 Year Old Girls

You will find expensive to inexpensive toys in this list. These toy ideas are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or any time in between.

If you are looking for toys for birthdays, Christmas or anytime in-between we have got you covered. Your daughter is quickly approaching those teen years or treasure this “tween” year a little bit longer. 

Fun Arts & Crafts

My daughter loves everything to do with crafting. At this age crafts requires little to no help from me, and the best part is she is old enough to clean it all up when she is done. 

My daughter loves to create all sorts of projects with art supplies around the house. I love seeing the masterpieces that my children create. Now that she is getting older the crafts are more involved. These crafts are some of my daughters favorite mess free Arts & Crafts. 

The BEST Arts and Crafts for 11 year old girls.

Electronic Toy Ideas

Electronics are used more and more in schools today. When your kids know how to navigate and use their devices for homework it can be less stressful for them and you. Sometimes I get the feeling that my kids know more about electronics than I do. 

One of our favorite electronics to purchase for our kids is iPads. My husband and I place parameters on them to keep them safe from harmful things that can be found on the Internet.

The BEST Electronics for 11 year old girls.


You may think your daughter is too old for LEGOs at this age but she is not. My daughter LOVES LEGOs and will play with them for hours and hours. 

LEGOs are worth the money because they never get old or outdated. These different sets are perfect because they range from inexpensive to expensive. These are also great ideas to hand over to Grandma and Grandpa, aunts, uncles and friends since they are easy to find and come in a variety of price points.

The BEST Lego's for 11 year old girls.

Popular Beauty Products

One of my daughters favorite thing to do is walk around beauty product stores with me. I really like that she has taken an interest into starting to care for her skin. 

She also loves to spend hours and hours in Claires. She likes to try on earrings and necklaces. My daughter is also staring to get an idea of what she likes to wear or add to her outfit.This list contains all of her favorite beauty toys and products for 11 year old girls. 

The BEST beauty products for 11 year old girls.

Outdoor Toy Ideas

I love having my kids play outside and they love being outside as well. Now that the weather is warm we like to be outside as much as we can. 

If I could tell you one big purchase you should make for your daughter it should be a bike. We love to ride bikes as a family. This is a great way to spend time together and exercise.

The BEST Outdoor toys for 11 year old girls.

I hope you have found a few toys that spark the interest of your daughter in this list. I try to add a variety of things to fit everyone’s needs.

If you have any additional toys to add for 11 year old girls please comment below, I love to hear from my readers. 

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Toys for 11 Year Old Girls