Save Those Scraps – Cocktail Napkins!

There are some things I will buy for other people but not for myself. What about you?


This week I developed a technique for making scalloped-edge cocktail napkins, and it is a game changer! Now I can have my cake and eat it too.

When I received Pfaff’s Creative Icon, I was completely focused on embroidering tunics for The Tunic Bible and it was intense. During this Coronavirus stay-at-home period, the Icon and I have developed a new relationship, and my more relaxed approach has led me to wonderful discoveries.

Would you believe the most difficult part of creating these cocktail napkins was cutting around the scallops?

I’m a long time fan of scalloped edge napkins, and was determined to figure out a suitable technique.

It all begins with a single stitch.
The Creative Icon offers a Sequence Creator feature, in which I can select a stitch, multiply it and save it as a single unit on the SewNet cloud.  Amazing…..

I created two sequences and loaded them to the embroidery screen.


After positioning the two sets of stitches, I saved them as one layer.

Next I copied the new layer, rotated and inverted it

After I positioned it I once again saved the design as a single layer, and saved it in the SewNet cloud. I named it Scalloped Border

Now, whenever I choose to make this napkin, I click on the design, place my fabric & stabilizer on the Creative Metal Hoop (with magnets) and push start.

I made the first few cocktails napkins using Amy Butler scraps before venturing into linen which is perfect for embroidering.


I quickly discovered the scalloped edge needs to be embroidered at least twice before cutting. Embroidering the scallop more than once will create a heftier border to guide the scissors. Should you cut into a thread, the design will not unravel. In addition, for me the secret to trimming the scallops successfully is:

Applique Scissors, which allow you to easily cut around curves.

An Ottlite with a magnifying glass.

Fray Check. I use this around the edge only for security.


Cocktail napkins are such fun to make because there is no protocol and anything goes!  While my cocktail napkins are on the conservative side, I plan to have fun as I make these for gifts, and it’s never too early to think about the holidays 😉

Save those scraps!


Save Those Scraps – Cocktail Napkins!