Scammer Pretends To Be The Queen of Malaysia To Trick Victims into Transferring RM3K

Come to think of it, anyone can be a victim of a scam nowadays and if you’re not careful enough when it comes to online transactions, brace yourself for a “massive leak” in your bank account.

For the sake of money, scammers are coming up with new ideas to trick their victims. Recently, local fashion designer and social media celebrity, Datuk Rizalman Ibrahim shared an experience where the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of his company, Faizul Surani was almost scammed by someone who pretended to be the Queen of Malaysia, Tuanku Hajah Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah.

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On an Instagram story that was shared on his private account, Rizalman shared the quick conversation between the scammer and Faizul on Telegram.

“Can you transfer RM3,000 to my account, Zul? I’ll return the money to you tonight,” said the “Queen of Malaysia.”

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Without questioning much, Faizul asked for the bank account details, to which the scammer immediately responded. Fortunately for Faizul, he did the right thing by double-checking with the Queen herself.

Of course, the Queen said NO! 

In Rizalman’s captions, he urged the people to be careful and alert of the scammers as they have managed to hack into the Telegram accounts, a similar incident that happened to the President of UMNO, Datuk Zahid Hamidi where the scammer pretended to be him and asked victims to transfer RM5,000 him.

It seems that the scammer has failed in his attempt by taking up the identity of the Queen of Malaysia this time. However, we’re sure that these scammers won’t stop here. 

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They tend to come up with new ideas almost every day to gain the trust & empathy of the victims and this is certainly not the 1st identity theft conducted by a scammer. Once again, we would also like to remind everyone to be EXTREMELY careful when it comes to online transactions.


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Scammer Pretends To Be The Queen of Malaysia To Trick Victims into Transferring RM3K