SCARE MONSTER Is A Short & Sweet Fun Family Film

Seriously silly scary story spoof specializes in satirizing slashers specifically so seek this silly sight.

Scare Monster is the horror/comedy inspired by Halloween (1978) and Looney Tunes. It’s about a little girl with the ability to scare people to death, literally. When two local kids find out there in danger, they use their wacky tactics to protect themselves.

Written and directed by Adam Harper, the playful tone is immediately set when introduced to the titular villain. He uses a wide array of close-ups, first-person POVs, different angles, and handheld cameras to create a cartoonish atmosphere. The uncredited kids he cast steal the show giving adorable over-the-top performances with gusto. The score is reminiscent of the original Halloween and other 70s slashers. It acts as the icing on the cake, giving an already sweet treat extra tantalizing goodness.

Overall, Scare Monster bounces between the spirit of old-fashioned slashers the vivid evocation of the looniness of cartoons. It’s very reminiscent of the Airplane! and Naked Gun films acting as a spoof or parody of the horror genre. The child actors seem very comfortable on camera with very natural performances. Adam Harper took his notes for the Halloween Handbook and put them to good use for the story structure and score. I highly recommend this. It’s available on YouTube for free. And remember, when Scare Monster is lurking around the corner, it won’t be long before you say that’s all folks!

Give it a watch below!


10 out of 10



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Scare Monster


Runtime: 3 Mins.
Directed By:
Adam Harper
Written By: Adam Harper

SCARE MONSTER Is A Short & Sweet Fun Family Film