SEEK Is Out To Get You, Ready Or Not

Horrendous hiding harbinger heathen hinders habitual harmony harbouring hardcore horror.

Seek is the short horror film about two estranged sisters, Heidi and Jordan, on a road trip who need to make a pit stop at a rest stop for a bathroom break. Their relationship could be described as tumultuous at best. They didn’t know it’s haunted until they go inside because their too preoccupied by this to notice a problem. It’s a classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Will the sisters escape with their lives?

Director Aaron Morgan sets the mood quickly by hinting there is something very wrong going on in the isolated rural location. He uses light and shadows to evoke dread from the surroundings. The rest stop becomes a character unto itself being both the main set piece and the driving plot device. His fluid direction adds to the intensity with his use of clever camera work that made me constantly inspect the background to see if anything is lurking in the shadows. The cinematography is first rate with a professional looking production values.

An impressive creature design is used to enhance the experience. Practical effects maker Arjen Tuiton made a name for himself winning an Oscar for Pan’s Labyrinth. The anticipation built up pays off when the creepy creature is fully revealed by filling full of wonder and dread.

Co written by Morgan and Eric Vespe, they take a simple premise and unabashedly run with it. The clever use of the environment amounts to most of the fear. What starts of as an ordinary everyday occurrence quickly turns into a nightmare inducing game of hide and seek. To take a simple children’s game and make it so chilling is certainly noteworthy.

Overall, when all the wheels are in motion the sum of all its parts make Seek one of the best horror shorts I’ve seen in a while. Exemplary direction, writing, creature design and effects and acting are all topped off by an astounding production value. It’s free on YouTube so I highly recommend watching this. I can’t oversell this. It’s so good. And remember, when your seeking relief, something sinister may be hiding about to strike whether your ready or not.

Give it a watch below!


10 out of 10


Runtime: 6 Mins.
Directed By:
Written By:


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SEEK Is Out To Get You, Ready Or Not