Sell Your Home Fast With These 11 Cheap & Clever Tips

woman holding colorful bouquet of flowers

Sell your home fast.

Selling a home means new beginnings, but it also means it’s time to buckle down on packing, cleaning, organizing, staging, and getting it in tip-top shape for potential buyers. While many factors come into play when selling your house, we’re sure these clever & inexpensive tips and tricks will help you sell it even faster and make any house feel like home sweet home.

Here’s what we’d recommend doing to help sell your home faster while keeping your budget in check:

1. Buy a new doormat before selling your home.

yay you're here and white and black check doormat at blue front door

Make an impression before buyers even walk through the door! Nothing says “Welcome to your future home!” quite like, well, a welcome mat! If your current mat has seen better days and you need a quick fix, grab one online or next time you’re in the store.

Already have a mat? If you have some extra time to spare, you could paint over the faded areas to make it look new again. Better yet, scoop up a blank mat and consider any of these trendy DIY doormats you can paint so you can take your new mat when you move.

2. Rent a power washer to make your home look new again.

hose power washing brick sidewalk - selling your home

You probably won’t even realize how dirty your sidewalks and siding are until the first swipe with a power washer hose. Not only does cleaning up your house and walkways maximize your curb appeal, but you may also find it oddly satisfying! Best of all, if you have a friend willing to lend you their machine, this huge home improvement could essentially be free!

3. Re-mulch your landscape for a clean look (and scent).

mulch and flower landscaping

I love the smell of fresh mulch, and it’s pretty universal that a newly-landscaped area adds significant curb appeal when selling your home. Even if you don’t want to add a plethora of plants, consider spreading a few bags of inexpensive mulch to give new life to your front yard and garden beds.

If you have a large area to mulch in your yard, you can get a better deal on mulch at your local landscape supply company and they’ll probably deliver it for a reasonable cost too.

4. Make your home really shine with some new lighting.

living room with fireplace

Warm-colored lights can make a room feel cozy and inviting, while bright white lights can really brighten up space if it feels a little claustrophobic. Consider each room in your home to make sure each space is properly lit and swap out any bulbs as needed. Now you can watch your space shine at its best!

5. Grab some new lighting for your outdoor spaces too.

backyard with pool fire pit and string lights - selling your home

It’s common for potential home-buyers to come to see a house after work, so it’s likely they’ll be there from dusk to dark. Scoop up some solar lights to place around your landscaped areas and let your home stand out from the rest! Even better, you can take them with you when you move, so it will be money well-spent for your next home too.

kids wooden playhouse with string lights and pathways - selling your home

You can even highlight other areas of your yard, as I did with my daughter’s playhouse makeover. It’ll make every space feel unique and stand out from all the other homes buyers are looking at. Plus, with a view like this, I’ll guarantee they’re already imagining their kiddos running around their new yard.

Scoop up these tea lights on Amazon for the most bang for your buck and place them on pathways, sidewalks, step, etc. as I did above! 😍

6. Refresh grout lines with a colorant and sealer.

boy painting grout lines on tile floor - selling your home

Dingy grout lines can give off the impression that the floors are in worse shape (or are older) than they actually are. Lina loves Polyblend Grout Renew and used it to restore the grout lines in both her bathroom and kitchen. It’s so easy to apply that she even had her kiddos help out!

7. Add fresh florals or greenery to liven up your space.

bouquet of flowers sitting on end table in living room - selling your home

Most potential buyers are looking for homes that feel cozy, lived in, and well-loved! Nothing says “lived in” more than fresh greenery and some flowers! This is such a simple update that’s also pleasing to the eyes and nose. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy them long after your open house if you buy them from one of our favorite places to buy flowers.

Consider putting a vase with a few stems in the living room, kitchen, on a bathroom counter, or wherever you need to add a little life to your space!

Hip Tip: Want to invest in some faux greenery you’ll be able to take with you when you move? These plants at Hobby Lobby look totally real!

8. Stage the bathroom with a fresh shower curtain.

bathroom with ruffle shower curtain and white tile

There’s a reason hotels tend to use all-white or light-colored linens, towels, and curtains – it gives the impression of a fresh, crisp look in your bathroom. Plus, any potential homebuyers will agree your space looks bright & inviting with the addition of a clean curtain to finish it off. Like many of our other clever ideas, this one can also go with you to your new house too!

If you already have a shower curtain and just need to freshen it up, we have tips on how to easily clean your shower curtain.

9. Bake up a fresh batch of cookies.

woman holding plate of sugar free chocolate chip cookies

Okay, okay…I know you’ve got enough on your plate with getting ready to sell your home, but who doesn’t want to walk into a house that smells like freshly baked cookies? 🙋‍♀️

If you don’t have time to whip up one of our easy cookie recipes, then grab a pack the next time you place your grocery delivery order so you can pop them in the oven before your next showing.

As a bonus, buyers will have something to munch on during their home tour!

Hip Tip: Don’t have any time for cookies? Grab a new scented candle to make your home smell incredible!

10. Replace broken, mismatched, or dirty outlets & covers.

Outlet Cover with USB receptacle

These little buggers are typically overlooked but can make a big impact if they’re seriously outdated or dingy. Outlets, light switches, and the covers themselves are very inexpensive to buy and if you’re comfortable, it’s something you can certainly do on your own. Take time to replace or clean up any outlets that are creating an eyesore so buyers don’t view it as another task to do once they move in.

Not experienced with electrical work? Replacing outlets will take an experienced electrician just minutes to swap out, so if you’re willing to pay them per hour you can have your whole house updated in less than a day!

11. Freshen your floors and air with some essentials oils.

hand holding bottle of essential oils next to steam mop

Rooms tend to get a little musty especially if you have numerous pets or active kiddos which is hard for many homeowners to notice when you grow accustomed to how your home smells. You can really freshen up your entire home in a pinch by dropping some essential oils on your steam mop.

My favorite oil to use is peppermint because it smells so fresh and clean. Plus, this technique is a safe and effective trick that will be pleasing to any potential homebuyer’s nose.

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Sell Your Home Fast With These 11 Cheap & Clever Tips