Sequined skirt – Final

I am so happy that I was able to finish the hem of my skirt last night.I have determined that I have no suitable shoes – really! – so I will need to take some time to shop and didn’t want to be stressed out that my skirt wasn’t finished. Have you shopped for shoes lately? Oh my gosh, so many ugly shoes out there! I just want a pair of strappy sandals in black or nude with a stiletto heel. Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, back to the skirt. Since sequins are so scratchy, I faced the hem with a double layer of black mesh from the stash. I about went blind hemming this because I COULD NOT SEE! Even with my magnifying lamp, I was blinded by the sequins. Luckily, my hand stitches just disappeared into the fabric, hiding what I am sure must be quite a few uneven stitches.

Once i finished sewing the hem, I crumpled it up and gave it a good steam to blend it back into the rest of the pleated fabric. I worked in 4-5 inch sections but it went very quickly thanks to the vacuum feature on my Laurastar.

Scrunched up as tight as I could get it without burning my fingers.
Opened up after steaming.

I used lace to finish my lining. A cheap, ugly lace. I don’t know where it came from or why it is in my stash but it will do for now. I have already ordered a beautiful eyelash lace that is slightly wider so I can redo the hem after the wedding.

So here she is all finished. I am so pleased with the result! She is not hanging well on Irma as Irma has a nice, tiny waist and doesn’t have a high hip like I do. I really should pad her out but I really don’t use her for fitting so I haven’t bothered.

Before I put this pattern away, I have pulled another fabric that is just perfect for it and will whip up another skirt on Sunday. Stay tuned and thank you for visiting!

Sequined skirt – Final