Seven Adventure Motorcycle Podcasts for the Fall

It’s that time of year—podcast season! Wait, were you thinking Thanksgiving? Christmas? Sure, those are good too, but what about the fall days when it’s too wet or cold to ride, yet too warm and stormy for snow sports? That’s podcast season for me. I usually take to nearby walking paths and tap into some motorcycle interviews and adventure stories. They keep me excited about riding and updated on industry news along with other long-distance and adventure riding tips and tricks. 

Here’s a quick compilation of some of my favorite podcasts. If I’ve missed any that should be added here, by all means, shoot me a note below in the comments so we can all enjoy and support these podcasters far and wide.

motorcycles and misfits podcast


Motorcycles and Misfits: Brought to you by the Re-cycle Garage in Santa Cruz, California, Motorcycles and Misfits is a weekly podcast for “all things motorcycle.” Founder, Liza Miller, started Re-cycle Garage with a mission to get old motorcycles back on the road. When more and more West Coast riders started collecting inside the garage, Liza took to the airwaves to bring us stories and tips from unique two-wheeled characters.
Host: Liza Miller
400-plus episodes

Adventure Rider Radio podcast

Adventure Rider Radio: Most ADV and RTW riders already know about Adventure Rider Radio, but in case you don’t, this is the “most-listened-to Motorcycle Podcast in the world” according to the ARR website. The podcast brings listeners weekly travel stories, and ARR’s exclusive Rider Skills and MotoTravel series from adventure and motorcycle experts around the world.
Host: Jim Martin
Episodes: 380-plus


Adventure Rider Radio RAW podcast

Adventure Rider Radio Raw: ARR also produces another podcast called ARR Raw, where experienced world travelers join together monthly from around the globe for round-table discussions about motorcycle travel— “unscripted, raw, and personal.”
Host: Jim Martin
Episodes: 60-plus


Bend Motorcycles Adventures podcast

Bend Motorcycle Adventures: For off-road, dual-sport, and ADV riders, check out Bend Motorcycle Adventures, where you’ll find interviews from adventurers and off-roaders around the world, and a focus on backcountry excursions, like rides along the Backcountry Discovery Routes, and other secret spots.
Host: Jon Beaver
Episodes: 60-plus


chasing the horizon

Chasing the Horizon: Brought to you by BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, Chasing the Horizon is not just about BMWs. In fact, host, Wes Fleming, goes out of his way to avoid BMW riders and stories, when possible. This podcast has a diverse amount of content and starts out with insightful preamble from Wes on news and industry information, before jumping into the interviews about bikes and riders of every make and model.
Host: Wes Fleming
Episodes: 100-plus


690 ADV podcast

690ADV: For short conversations about everything ADV and dual-sport, 690ADV focuses on content for beginner to intermediate riders, discussing topics to help improve touring on two wheels. If you’re a novice, look here for twice-weekly updates on what to modify on bikes, advice for long-distance traveling, and how to pack for an overnight ride.
Host: Joe Acker
Episodes: 100-plus

The ride inside podcast

New to the scene, The Ride Inside dives deeper into the psychology behind motorcycling. Mark Barnes, a longtime rider and licensed clinical psychologist, spends the first half of each episode discussing anything motorcycle-related. The second half incorporates a Q & A segment where he answers listener questions and/or interviews riders about their experiences relating to those questions.
Host: Mark Barnes
Episodes: 4 and counting

Though not moto-specific, the Overland Journal podcast does occasionally have ADV riders on board.

What are your favorite adventure motorcycle podcasts for fall?

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Seven Adventure Motorcycle Podcasts for the Fall